Real life is stressful, but really pretty boring to write about. I work. I come home and do the minimum amount of housework required to feed myself and not live in filth. My brain and I collapse on the couch and watch TV and knit. Usually while drinking tea.

I did realize why Supernatural is feeling slow... it's because I've been watching so many British shows that having a season actually have 23 episodes feels like utter madness. I mean, two filler episodes in a row? That's just crazytalk. At least I should be getting Crowley and Meg back soon - it doesn't help that I'm who knows how many episodes behind, but I miss the demons. And Cas.

Knitting... I've been knitting. Nobody's surprised by that :-) I have actually been mostly social with Rav people, which obviously involves more knitting. But it's nice to be able to meet up on a whim instead of having to pre-plan weekends so I can have time to drive for who knows how long. Or, you know, to plan meet-ups at all :-)

Saw the new Die Hard movie. It was pretty terrible :-) Like hand-flailing, WTF-stage-whispering, hysterical laughter terrible. Let's just say that Russia is not the only place they go to visit/destroy.

Got my registration for next year's Gallifrey One. Given that they were halfway sold out in an hour, that was probably a good idea. Lord knows what'll happen with the room block at the hotel - I'm going with "sold out in half an hour." Plan for next year: be more social.
Went to see Spider-Man with Jess yesterday - quite enjoyed it, really. I mean, it's a superhero movie, but I was quite impressed with Andrew Garfield, who's rather funny, and Rhys Ifans was impressive as always. I know people haven't been happy about the reboot, but as reboots go, it wasn't a bad one. Now if they only decided to erase those Hulk movies from our memories with a Marc Ruffalo Hulk...

Travel Plans
It's almost time to book my LA flight for Gally! So excited. I actually found a roommate who already had a room at the Marriott, where the convention takes place, so I'm in the same hotel after all :-) I'm sure the jitters will show up eventually, but for now, I'm just so excited I finally get to go. Plus, new Doctor Who in like a month! And the new cast members for Game of Thrones S3 are AMAZING. Things are good in fandom world right now.

Pretty pretty shawl.

Asterope 1a

Pretty pretty handdyed turned into a pretty cute hat. Although neon green really isn't my color.

Brambles 2a

Of The Week

Jul. 8th, 2012 06:37 pm
I actually wrote myself reminders of what I was going to talk about - too bad at this point, it's been two weeks since I looked at those notes :-)

Stuff To Do
Went to a trivia night/pub quiz thing with Jess two-ish weeks ago. Got teamed up with what was likely the only two other people in the bar we were likely to get along with :-) To give you an idea, the conversations we had mostly involved geeky movies. Also, as a team we were pretty decent at trivia, and won $25 bucks in money to spend on Guinness and appetizers at Fado :-) They let Jess and me keep the gift card, since the bar wouldn't split the card (really?) - maybe we'll be able to return the favor next time.

Saw Snow White and the Huntsman over the holiday weekend, because it was going to be less crowded than Spider-Man :-) It was pretty much what I expected... Chris Hemsworth is badass (and has a talent for accents), Charlize Theron is gorgeous, and Kristin Stewart is forgettable (though she does get a pretty cool hairdo when they stick her in armor).

TV Show
Alphas, from SyFy. A pretty generic mutant show so far, but quite entertaining nonetheless. I'm pretty sure they only did the five episodes I watched this weekend, but since it reappeared on Hulu recently, Season 2 can't be that far away, and maybe then the pace of the story will pick up some more, instead of hinting at scary backstory.

I finished Laura and Bennett's wedding present, and technically they should have it by now. Isn't it pretty?

Serenity 1b

I'm also kind of obsessed with these little stuffies right now. No idea what to do with them, but I keep thinking about making more :-) They are very cute.

Owl Puffs 1
Post-Crawfordsville edition :-)

Had an excellent weekend with Laura. No, we didn't really do anything but knit and watch Supernatural, but those activities and that adjective are never mutually exclusive. I'm kind of sad we didn't get to see the last Sherlock episode together as well, but I think we were twitchy enough from the Winchester angst. And we did go to campus to prep for Laura's class on Monday. Plus I got Aeris to sit on my lap - mostly because Laura wasn't available, probably :-)

Travel Planning
Set up a date to visit Sara in Baltimore. Managed to put in a leave request at work without imploding the computer system (given their track record with my HR-type stuff, this is kind of miraculous). Now just hoping the request gets approved before the flights get more expensive, but it's not like Southwest actually gets expensive. Just more expensive than "pretty darn cheap."
Still sort of debating Rolex in April. On one hand, I want to go and see people and hang out at the horse park, on the other hand I've been before, mum probably isn't coming, and I don't know that I want to go by myself. We shall see.

TV Show
Shows, really - Supernatural. (The angst. The pretty. The gore.) Psych. (The crazy.) Sherlock. (OMG my brain hurts. Also, the pretty. Oh, the pretty.) Plus some Star Trek: TNG. (I forgot how irritating I find Wesley most of the time, although he does get better with age.)

Did I mention I went to see Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy? I enjoyed it (there's pretty, and it's mind-bendy), but I don't think I actually got it. Which may have been the point. I'm going to have to rent it sometime and re-watch. See if it makes more sense... well, it made sense, just... not really. Typical British spy drama, then :-P

Apparently I have no pictures on this computer. Probably because they're all on the harddrive, and I'm too lazy to find the cord. Next week, promise.
I know, I'm way late, but I only downloaded the last episodes a few weeks ago :-) By now I've watched most of them at least twice, and overall I did like the season, the storyline had some great ideas, and it's good to know that Dean looks like he needs a serious hug at least once every season. I did have some issues with this season that didn't seem such a big deal with previous seasons - not sure if it's because Kripke isn't writing much anymore and the stories aren't plotted as tightly, or if it's simply because I've been out of the "Supernatural is superawesome" bubble for a while. Either way:


Ok, big complaint first: I know the series has had overall issues with how women are treated - Dean can be a complete chauvinist sometimes, and most of the female characters have been damsels in distress, evil witches (literally and figuratively), or cannon fodder. Ok, Ellen and Jo were awesome, but well, they're also dead now. But this time around? I don't know that there even was a truly developed new female character. Meg was, well, Meg, meaning pretty awesome, but she's a Kripke creation or at least was fleshed out (no meatsuit pun intended) in previous seasons. I still don't quite understand the point of Gwen... she was so nicely on the way to developing a backbone, and then she died. Just like that. I mean, I get that they needed to kill someone at that point in the story, but it still bugged me. My biggest issue was with how they used Eve... I mean, the mother of all monsters? I could write you at least five more episodes where that could be used for a monster of the week, plus a nice overall story arc where she tracks down Crowley and makes him sorry he ever stepped outside his crossroads. But no. Dead. I REALLY hope that one's a red herring and she's sitting back in Purgatory plotting revenge. Cause I want more Eve next season.

In fact, I hope a lot of stuff we saw this season was really just a setup for next season (although that would be one huge setup). Fate being pissed off at the world, for one. Death's random hinting at "it's about the souls, Dean" was kind of solved, but why would Death care where souls end up? People die no matter who's in charge upstairs, right? And I don't think we needed the hint that Castiel as New God is worse than it looks on the surface... he's quite clearly gone completely bananas with power.

And I know this is a small complaint and they needed it for the plot, but why would monster Alphas in general know where Purgatory is? I mean, humans don't know where the gates to Heaven and Hell are... I still don't understand where Crowley got that idea from. And that really makes the "monster Alphas" storyline another "I hope this makes more sense next season."

Ok, so maybe it sounds like I hated this season - I didn't. I laughed at Dean's parenting, I sniffled when they mindwiped Lisa and Ben, and I still happily called at least two monsters before they were officially named (I spent half of the X-Files episode going "Dude! Fairies!"). Everything I really want from the show. It just felt like something was missing. (I know, Kripke. Maybe it shows.)

Or maybe I just have too much time to think about television at the moment, what with not overanalyzing Doctor Who when I'm not overanalyzing Supernatural :-P

Let me summarize my reactions:


Is it Christmas yet?

Also, BBC America is showing the special on December 26th at 9pm Eastern. One day after the UK. I can't believe TV people are getting something right for a change :-)


Nov. 20th, 2009 08:05 am
Dear Supernatural,

I hate you. Leaving people hanging until January 21, with the last words of the episode being "hello, Death" and the last shot being Dean this close to snapping? Just not fair.

Of course, Castiel having a conversation with Lucifer? Awesome. Castiel getting out of a trap by being totally badass? Even better.

I guess I do still kind of love you.
Oh. My. God.

That's about as coherent as I'm going to be about it tonight. That was... incredibly creepy. And doom-y. I'm going to have to watch that again. And the preview!!!!

I can't wait until Christmas.

Oh. My. God.
I love Glee :-)

I read an article on the financial meltdown yesterday, and it referred to home furnishings as one of the few businesses that aren't going down the drain quite yet. Their reasoning was that people are hunkering down in their homes (if they still have them) to wait out the storm, and they want those homes to be as nice as possible. IKEA must be making a killing right now... (*makes mental note to plan out snazzy bookcase*). But I think the "nesting" thing is sort of accurate - between the freezing cold temperatures and the lack of incentive to go outside for anything but groceries and work, I've been spending a lot more time in the apartment, and apparently I'm finally noticing that it's not quite as homey as I thought it was :)

So in the past week, I have:
- bought a crockpot and made chicken chili soup in it.It was yummy, and the first complete homemade meal I've made in a while. I may now have become a crockpot addict.
- decorated the Christmas tree.
- did dishes, cleaned up the kitchen, and organized the fridge and pantry. I now have shelves of Tupperware filled with actual food, and lots of supplies for making foods. Not to tempt fate, but I could wait out a weekend snowstorm in the place now :)
- moved around boxes, dropped stuff at Goodwill, and generally reduced the amount of junk in the living room. I'm far from being done, but it's a good start. This weekend is going to be about cleaning out a box of old clothes, and hopefully getting rid of about half that box. It probably doesn't help that I'm knitting stuff to fill that box again, but at least it's new stuff that could turn into donations if things come up on Ravelry and elsewhere.
- speaking of donations, I've been donating more money to charities. United Appeal was at work a while ago, and Knitters Without Borders is up and running again. This is the first year I really have the desire to make it a holiday season, and it's been fun :) I just miss having roommates around... cooking for one person leads to eating leftovers of that cooking for the next three days.

With the knitting comes TV, of course - Heroes is seriously messing with my head (and my patience, but that's a given with that show), but it's the only show left still running before Christmas - good thing I own Supernatural, otherwise I'd be in trouble from withdrawal! I found Farscape online though, and I have no idea why I didn't watch it when it was actually on TV... it's good! Working my way through that, with some episodes of Bones and Torchwood in between - Bones so I can give it back to Sara, and Torchwood because I have it and miss watching it. I need season 2 though... I want to rewatch "Fragments" very very badly.


Aug. 18th, 2008 09:57 pm
Monday blahs... it's going to be another one of those weeks. Didn't sleep well at all last night, so now I'm exhausted and can't think, which becomes a problem when you have to write coherent sentences for a living. But it's not like it's the first time it's happened, so I'll get through it somehow. I'd just like to be able to sleep... just one night would be great.

I went to Sheanna's bridal shower in Charleston on Saturday - hour and a half drive, not two hours like Google pretended. I wonder if Google people got complaints about their time estimates and now add at least 10% to every set of directions? I had the same thing happen when I checked directions to the Columbus Zoo, and was there like 20 minutes early. I don't even speed, especially in West Virginia because for some reason I can only go 70 if the speed limit is 65; if the speed limit is 70, I can't go that fast :) The shower was nice, considering I had no idea who anyone was, and everyone else seemed to know each other either from college or work. Also, I always feel underdressed around Sheanna, even if she's in sweatpants and I'm wearing jeans, and her friends make me feel the same way. But while I was tempted to cancel, I didn't, and I'm pathetically proud of myself for that. I need to get out more anyways, and this was a good way to do it. Also, I had no idea that, at a wedding shower, the number of times you break the ribbon on your presents is the number of kids you're going to have - otherwise I would have reconsidered the 6 knots I tied to hold all of the baking stuff together :) Surprisingly, Sheanna made it through all of the knots without breaking the ribbon, so that was rather impressive.

Sunday was lazy and relaxing, I finished the first season of Forever Knight, which is a 90s TV show set in Toronto, about a vampire cop. I guess it's a remake of Nick Knight, a movie starring Rick Springfield (who must also have done the entire soundtrack), but I have to say I prefer the series. It's much more entertaining :) Also finished reading Smoke and Mirrors by Tanya Huff, which was just as good as her other books, and just started Smoke and Ashes, which is the third and last part of that series so far. I'm kind of afraid of any book that has the words "sex demon master" in the back cover copy, but so far Huff is showing her talent for writing stuff like that... meaning it's really well written and expertly walks the line between cheesy and funny while staying on the funny side 99% of the time.

Now I'm watching the Olympics and cussing at the commentators, who seem to use the same three sentences over and over and over again... "this jumpoff doesn't really count because it's just the prelims"... "if he goes clear, the US will win"... why can't you talk about anything else? Tell me about the course designer, tell me about the riders and what else they've done, tell me about that really awfully fast turn that horse just took, and no wonder he plowed through that oxer. No wonder people don't watch more obscure sports - they never have any idea what's going on because nobody is explaining it! Oh, and do not get me started on gymnastics... of course the judging makes no sense. It's gymnastics! Wasn't there a movie about that once?
Let's start with the "and such:" finished reading Smoke and Shadows by Tanya Huff this weekend, and really liked it. It's sort of a continuation of the Blood books, about private investigator Vicky Nelson and her vampire friend Henry. Eventually, for reasons that would be spoilers, Henry up and leaves Toronto for Vancouver, with supporting character Tony in tow. The Smoke books (probably not the official title, but it works) play in Vancouver around Tony, who gets a job in TV filming a cheesy vampire show called Darkest Night. Get it, vampire show? Because Tony used to live with Henry, who's a vampire... nevermind. Smoke and Shadows is the first book in that series, about evil shadows coming through a gate from another world and taking over the set. Because we all know that at least 50% of US TV is actually filmed in Vancouver. I'm not actually making any sense at the moment, but let's just say that Huff writes incredibly funny, incredibly creepy vampire/shadows/evil wizard stories, and you should all read them. Because they're good.

So yeah... movies. Saw Cloverfield when Sara was here, and now want 2 hours of my life back. Was it really better in the theater? Because on TV, it kind of... sucked. I know it's supposed to be all artsy and Blair-Witchy and all that, but I thought it was boring. The first 20 minutes are about people at a party, and nobody is introduced well enough for me to actually care about them, except one guy who unavoidably gets eaten eventually. Then they all hear a big explosion, with building shaking and everything, and instead of getting the hell out of the building, they all run up on the roof. Of a highrise. In Manhattan. Where they see explosions and rockets or something in, like, Upper Manhattan. Do they run? No, they don't, at least not until they almost get killed by a closer explosion. That leads into an hour of running with a shaky handheld video camera and discussing whether or not they should save this guy's girlfriend. Oh, and the Brooklyn Bridge collapses. And people get eaten. By a really random monster that apparently is plagued by evil flesh-eating lice. Which make you explode when they bite you. Yeah. Then we watched the behind-the-scenes stuff, because we had hopes that it would possibly explain the point of the movie. Which apparently was that the monster was a little baby that was confused, not out to destroy humanity. WHAT? WHERE WERE WE SUPPOSED TO GET THAT FROM?

Finished the first season of Rome, which was an award-winning, critically acclaimed HBO show in maybe 2006. Visually it was an incredible show, and the writing was excellent. However, a lot of the major characters looked the same. That may be ok when you're confusing Cesar's mistress with Cesar's ex-mistress, but when you're confusing Brutus and Marc Antony? Yeah, not good. It was interesting enough to want to watch the second season though, so that has to count for something.

Sara and I also watched Vantage Point to recover from the scary monster madness, and it was actually a pretty good movie, way better than I thought after the reviews. The retelling of the story from different viewpoints was really interesting because they peeled off layer after layer of the plot, and still managed to keep an interesting twist at the end. And I admit I like Matthew Fox and Dennis Quaid, so that always helps a movie. Again, good rental :)

What else... got a hold of the John Barrowman episode of The Making of Me and was impressed with the first half of it. It's JB following a research trail into why people are gay or straight, and the first half actually made me laugh out loud a couple of times. There's the bit where they test his arousal response to nude images by putting this wire loop thing around his... you know what, and it is the most ridiculous thing I have seen on TV in a long time. Towards the end it got a bit desperate because they chose to put the stuff that didn't point towards a genetic reason for homosexuality at the end, but it was still interesting to see what people are looking at in that research area. However, I want to know who came up with this three-part series thing: one part is "why are people good athletes," one part is "why are people great musicians," and this part is "why are people gay." Who decided that made sense all put together? I think they just wanted to put JB on television again.

I think that's it... oh, saw De-Lovely because it has John Barrowman in it, and it was fun and entertaining, even without knowing anything about Cole Porter (it's a biography with music). Really wondering why they had to remake Life on Mars instead of showing the British version, but I'm afraid I will never find out. We shall see how it is, especially after reading some of the coverage from Comic Con... apparently the US pilot was pretty much a reshoot of the UK pilot. Needless to say the TV people said they were reshooting it when asked that question at the panel.

Got an invite to Sheanna's wedding shower, which is next weekend... so this weekend I have to go buy her a present! Parkersburg it is, I guess :P

Catching Up

Jul. 6th, 2008 02:58 pm
It's been a while yet again... guess I should do some more catching up :)

Went to the zoo again, this time with a different part of the crowd - loads of fun yet again, and there are pictures this time (there were last time, but I didn't bother uploading them).

Bobcat, not sleeping for once. Apparently it meowed at Alan too.

Bobcat 04

I love the bat exhibit. People might say they're icky (in fact, one lady walked up and went "ewww" to her kids - way to be a role model, lady), but I like bats, I think they're cute. How can you not want to take this home?

Bat 03

Sleepy Koala :) In fact, the other one was feeling harrassed by the zookeepers that were feeding it, so it was climbing back and forth on the trees, but I didn't get a good picture, so you get dopey!koala.

Koala 05

In case you don't think tigers are just big kittens, I give you this:

Tiger 23

And because all posts about animals need to contain at least one gratuitous shout-out to my ability to make animals pose, have a wolf who decided to come visit right as we walked up to the window. It's a timberwolf, I believe.

Wolf 06

After the zoo, we went to the Book Loft in German Village, which has to be the most convoluted but awesome bookstore ever. 20-some rooms full of books... so much fun. I got the completed works of Hans Christian Andersen for $20, in blue leather with gold edging no less, and a cocktail book for $5. Now I need to get some of these supplies... a trip to Columbus may be in order at some point next week :) Had dinner at what I think is the original Max&Erma's (a Columbus company), and drove home in a thunderstorm, but that's ok. German Village would be fun to live in too - it's got a very European look to it, and no cheesy fake German things as far as I could tell. Well, Schmidt's, but we'll forgive them that one. They do have the Book Loft, after all.

What else? How about some movies? Sara and I saw a bunch of them before she moved.

Incredible Hulk: So much better than the Eric Bana version, and really quite enjoyable. I like Edward Norton, so the casting helped, and Liv Tyler was better than whoever played Betty last time too. She's a bit too Elven in everything she does for me, so if you hate the breathy voice, you may hate her, but it worked in context, and I got a kick out of Norton, and out of the writing... lost of funny one-liners in between the gloom and doom of the emotionally conflicted Hulk guy. Oh, and the brought in the guy who played Hulk in the original TV show! So awesome :)

Wall-E: Totally adorable. The entire movie revolves around two characters who can say about three words each, but it totally works. Also, total diss on Microsoft and shout-out to Apple. It was funny. And really, totally cute. Good Pixar movie. Definitely.

Doctor Who is done. Wow. What an ending. I was ok with it, although sometimes the writing on New Who gets sloppy and inconsistent. I'm kind of hoping Moffat will get rid of that... let's just decide if the Doctor likes or hates guns, and get rid of the whole "kill the evil race that will destroy the universe? Nah, I'll just look conflicted and deal with these guys yet again in the next season." I mean, genocide bad, yes, but Daleks don't learn, obviously. Even Dalek Caan was ok with killing off everyone. Good on you, Blue!Doctor :) And you got Rose :P Guess the cybermen are coming back for the specials... it would be nice if they decided to bring back more interesting villains eventually. Like the Master again, or the Rani.

Oh yeah, Secret Diary of a Call Girl. It's... interesting. Good, very entertaining, and really not as much about sex as you would think :) After the first two episodes, that part really becomes the background for some really interesting drama. Looking forward to the next season, and I do love Billie Piper. Glad she's getting work after Who.

Anything else... did I mention Friday Night Lights already? I think I did. Good show :)

Is that long enough for you all? Next time might have knitting content, and possibly involve a bike :)
Got back from Morgantown just a little while ago, and haven't really moved all that much since :) We got the keys to Sara's house and did some major cleaning and removal of cat hair (in some really random places) so she can get the carpets cleaned and start moving stuff over there on the weekends. Her parents came down to help as well, so it was fun getting to meet them, and I admit the free food all weekend was a major plus :) We did loads of driving around Morgantown looking for furniture, and walking around stores looking for furniture, and walking around the house trying to figure out where to put this theoretical furniture, so my feet are still protesting a bit, but it was fun nonetheless. The house is really nice, and in a nice quiet neighborhood (she said as her neighbors turned the Macarena to full volume), and Morgantown is definitely a decent place to live for a bit. It'll be fun going to visit occasionally, and it's not too bad of a drive from here (can you tell I'm not moving to Indiana?).

What else...? Oh yes, TV. I've started watching The Tudors, which was a Showtime series (or possibly still is) about Henry VIII and his early years. Quite a well done show, I would say, aside from a distinct surplus of sex scenes, but that's Showtime for you. Lots of fun actors too, including Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who's rather dreamy, and Callum Blue, who's pretty much being Mason from Dead Like Me except in 18(mumblemumblemumble). Given that I don't really have any clue about Henry Tudor other than the eight wives thing, it's not even boring to watch ;)

Memorial Day next weekend, which means Monday off... not sure what to do yet, but there's a couple of things going on in Columbus, and I could always do some cleaning up around here too, maybe get rid of some more junk... starting to move Sara to Morgantown reminded me how much I hate moving, and how little desire I have to move a good chunk of my stuff to a different city. Not that I can cut down enough to get by without a moving truck, but maybe it could be a small moving truck :)



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