Happy Lunar New Year!

Working on a Shipwreck shawl. About to reach the beaded section. Very much looking forward to the look of the beaded section, not so sure about pre-stringing beads by the hundreds. Update next week.

Captain America: The First Avenger. Mostly I'm excited this was the last movie before The Avengers comes out in May. It was much better than Thor, and has excellent Rifftrax potential (must remember to watch Rifftrax), but I'm not terribly excited about it. Avengers, on the other hand... CAN. NOT. WAIT.

Down to Athens for the OU/Miami basketball game. Tally of years of my life lost to OU basketball: +5. I have no idea how they won that game. But they did. And it was awesome. Even if our seats weren't that great. Going back for the OU/Akron game in February, mostly there was a "buy a t-shirt, get a free ticket" deal going on. I know I've said it, but it still surprises me how much I appreciate Athens when I don't actually have to live there. Especially Court Street.*

I made hats for charity. Mostly while watching TV with Laura and being amused by her cats.

*During the day.
Sadly, Tennessee players are huge. Like, all of them. And something was off with the 'Cats pretty much the entire game. Everyone at BW3's was awesome about it, even if there may have been large amounts of cussing coming from the O-Zone table behind us, but in the end I think everyone was happy with getting as far as we did. I mean, NCAA second round? Everyone was surprised when we made it through Game 1 of the MAC Tournament. What a run :-)

I can't wait for next year. Only one player is leaving (we'll miss you, KVK), and I'm really looking forward to seeing the current freshmen hitting their stride next season. It'll be fantabulous ;-)

Thanks for a great season, guys. GO CATS!


Mar. 19th, 2010 07:08 pm

Did we play the right team? Did Georgetown get drunk the night before or something? That game was amazing. Absolutely incredible. Fantabulous shooting. I kind of love Bassett's "You won't let me get under the basket? Well, guess I'll just shoot from here then..." *swoosh* I kind of have no words. Neither did the Georgetown coach afterwards :-) Tennessee tomorrow!

And yes, Court Street was crazy. One broken street light, one riot charge arrest. We could hear people chanting from outside our house. Apparently a news crew was fanning the flames for some B-roll footage. And Athens PD had three officers on duty. I have a feeling they'll do better tomorrow.

PS Pictures like that make me glad someone invented spandex shorts. And I never thought I'd say that, ever :-P

The insanity that was this weekend is best told in stream-of-consciousness timeline fashion, I fear. Bear with me, it’ll be fun. Even if it basically revolves around OU basketball.


5pm. MAC Quarterfinals are tonight. I wonder who the Bobcats are playing. Let’s check… oh crap. Kent State. Well, guess that means they’ll be home tomorrow.

10pm. Holy crap. They beat Kent State. By a good bit. Apocalypse at 11, watch out for horsemen.


3pm. MAC Semifinals tonight, against Miami. One loss, one win by sheer luck (and an amazing three-pointer). I wonder if this is going to be on TV… yes, it will be. Guess I know what I’ll be watching tonight, along with most of Court Street.

11:30pm. Wow. They kind of casually beat up Miami. They’re in the MAC Final. Which is in Cleveland. Hmmm…


Jess: “Are you awake enough to think?”
Me: “Maybe?”
Jess: “Are we going to Cleveland?”
Me: “Are we? Sure!”

Thus begins the great hunt for ticket information. Blurry memory fragments make me think that I read something about getting tickets at the venue (which shall forever be known as Gund Arena, Quicken be damned). Except the page about last night’s game is totally broken, so all I get is a picture of Armon Bassett and a link to PDF game stats. Which is nice, but not helpful.

Jess calls the Arena ticket office, which would be happy to sell us tickets, but knows nothing about OU section tickets or MAC ticket numbers. Or about whether there’s even the slightest chance of the game being sold out by the time we get there, given it’s a Saturday and it’s the finals. Obviously, a new strategy is in order.

OU Athletics. Ticket Office – closed. Probably because they’re all in Cleveland.

OU Athletics. Switchboard – “would you like sports information?” Sure, automated computer voice. I’ll take that.

“You have reached the voice mail of Jason C, Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations. I’m out of the office (otherwise known as “in Cleveland”), but here’s my cell number.” I take frantic notes, wondering who this guy is.

OU Athletics staff page. Mr C apparently doesn’t cover Men’s Basketball, but his colleague does. That voicemail tells me to call Mr C. While I would hate to assume wrongly and interrupt his Saturday, at this point it’s a reasonable assumption that he’s with the team in Cleveland. Call cell phone.

Mr C is totally awesome, laughs at me just a little for suggesting a sold out event, and tells me he’ll check with his ticket guys and call me back once he gets confirmation that we should be fine. I say thank you a whole lot of times. Jess is amused by me using the “media relations voice” while talking to the media relations guy. I drive her to work, get a call from Mr C. Say thank you a whole lot more. Hang up – “we’re going to Cleveland.”

Two hours later we’re on the road. Occasional outburst of “I can’t believe we’re doing this.” Also “This is such a Quad thing to do – wanna go do something crazy?” “Sure!”

The rest of the story might best be told in pictures… it was a fantastic thing to have seen live.


"I thought the timeout was over like a minute ago..." "Yeah, so did I. Guess they have no idea what that whistle means."

I have no idea what the final score was... 81 to 70-something. Not like it mattered - MAC Champions Baby!

Seven hours in a car, shredded vocal cords, sore muscles. Worth every minute. Thursday: NCAA first round. 3rd-seeded Georgetown Hoyas. We kind of don’t stand a chance, but it’ll be fun to watch.

Cold weather: check.
Snow in the forecast: check.
Strange obsession with college basketball: check.
Yup, another pretty ordinary week :-)

Because it's cold, I've been knitting lots. At least I'll be ready for Christmas :-)

Basic socks, Patons Kroy.

Verdigris gloves, Araucania Ranco

Forest Canopy Shawl, Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool. I want to buy a large box of the stuff and sleep in it.

Haircut this weekend, also more haircolor. Most likely red again, because I like the idea of being ginger for a few weeks.

No basketball this week, which is almost strange - we've been at one game a week, at least, for the past few weeks, and it's kind of random not to have something planned this week. There's two games next week though, so we'll make up for the lack of marching band in our lives this week :-) I don't know what we'll do if we don't get free tickets next year... probably pay the $90 for season tickets that get us into just about every type of basketball game there will be on campus.


Jan. 25th, 2010 01:30 pm
I really do miss school... Jess and I went uptown on Saturday to hang out at the new coffee shop and read (me about molecular genetics, she about wine). I love the people-watching you get to do at places like this, since so many people walk in and out all the time. Strangely enough, it's a great place for me to study as well, despite the fact that it's so busy. Not that I made it through even one chapter of the genetics book, but there's no syllabus to follow, so it's not like I have a deadline or anything (well, unless Jess wants her book back anytime soon). We're likely going to make this a Saturday ritual for a while, so it's a good thing the new coffee shop is comfy and inviting - it's really nothing like Perks used to be before the Frozen Custard Invasion of 2009, but it's got the same inviting feel to me, just with a more modern interior. Also, they make a traditional cappucchino that tastes exactly like the stuff my mum used to let me drink when I was a kid*, so good memories all around :-)

We also went to another basketball game, which was slightly scary - it was Dad's Weekend, so the Convo was pretty packed, and it was a really good game for OU, but towards the end of it, we were a bit worried that an opposing player was going to start a fight with the band, as they were heckling him pretty badly from the sidelines. One of the players also got kicked out of the game during the second half, for whatever reason... we have no idea what happened, but the referees reviewed tape for about five minutes (leading to someone in the sound booth starting to play the Jeopardy music - who has that on the playlist for a basketball game?) and then called pretty much the most severe defined foul in basketball, meaning there must have been shoving or fighting going on. But it was overall a really good game, with lots of good shooting and quite a few steals. Also the first conference game that OU won, so of course it was crazy.

In news I actually know anything about (as compared to basketball, where my knowledge extends to "ball in basket = good"), Knitters Without Borders has raised more than one million dollars for Doctors Without Borders since 2004. One million dollars, from a group of knitters who just happen to read the same blog. I think that's awesome beyond belief :-)

Last night the power went out to the apartment complex (well, and the motel next door), but apparently nowhere else in the neighborhood. Good thing we have candles and some glowsticks from the last big power outage, but even with that, we got bored around 8:30 and went to bed to read by candlelight. It was kind of annoying to see the lit restaurant sign in one direction and people's lit windows across the street, but I could see the power company guys working on the transformers, so it's not like we could complain about it. Of course, when the dishwasher kicked back on at 10, I almost had a heart attack, but at least the power was back on.
* what? the caffeine addiction had to come from somewhere, after all :-P



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