I should really read the ingredients more... apparently this is a chai sampler. Oh well :-)


Viserion's Bane
Spiced apple chai, yes. Spiced apple chai with coconut and cinnamon? Turns out to not taste like much at all. My tongue is probably overwhelmed. It's not bad, but meh.

Targaryen Spirits
Too heavy on the cloves and the cinnamon, which basically overpower any coconut notes that may be in here. Plus, the tea feels... grainy? Like there's cinnamon powder, not cinnamon bark, and I just inhaled a whole lot of it. Meh.

Drogon's Revenge
This mostly tastes of black tea and chai spices, which is fine, but a little blah. Of course, the ginger doesn't help me in any way. Ginger in tea is just weird. But if you like that sort of thing, this is a great holiday tea. Very Christmas-y.

Rhaegal's Fire
I'll never like green tea, gunpowder, or cinnamon in tea, but this is actually pretty good. Nice notes of vanilla with just a hint of orange peel, and the sharper spices and teas aren't overpowering.

Stark Winterbrew
Too much ginger. Probably because of the combination with other spices. Not bad, and nicely tempered with the caramel notes, so it's fine with some milk to bring down the spice, but it's not a re-buy.

Lannister Royal Tea
This is actually pretty good. I'm thinking I like Tiger Eye tea - that seems to be a common ingredient in the samplers I've liked so far. And the cinnamon isn't too strong, so the chocolate and caramel get a nice chance to come through strongly.

Bonus Sample: Wizard's Grey
I hate this blueberry flavor. It's utterly horrible in all of the blends I've tried. So not doing that again. Which is sad, because it sounds so good, just like the TARDIS blend. But in the end, it's like drinking soapy water. Mrgh.

I needed tea. And Adagio actually had sample tins in stock, so I grabbed a couple.

I really wanted to like this one, but the blackberry flavor is just fake enough to leave a soapy aftertaste that I just can't get over. Very sad :-(

This is SO GOOD. Perfect Earl Grey with hints of citrus and cream, without any kind of weird aftertaste or background scent. Like spiced scones with creamy butter and lemon curd. Delicious.

I'm just not sure I like coconut in my tea. At least not mixed with Earl Grey. It's not at all bad - but it's not really my thing. If you like coconut though, this is definitely worth a try.
I love black tea. Except, I usually have no idea what kind of black tea I'm drinking if it's not something with "Breakfast" in the name. So, Raja Sampler it is :-)

Assam Melody
I like this one. It has a weird aftertaste, but not in an unpleasant way, so it's a little different from my usual black tea, but still quite nice. It's not airplane tea (which I do actually like - I think it's Lipton's or PG Tips), but it's also not as spicy as Irish Breaskfast. Nice in-between flavor, for some variety.

Ceylon Sonata
Now this is the tea I want when I don't want Irish Breakfast. Like PG Tips or Lipton's, but way way better. So good.

Assam Harmony
This one's sharper than the Melody, and... smokier? Something like that. Definitely prefer the Melody, I admit.

Irish Breakfast
Oh Irish Breakfast tea. Why would I ever think about leaving you? That's just silly.

Bonus: White Peach
If flavored white tea is your thing, this is probably delicious. I thought I would love it, but it's actually too perfumed for me - tastes and smells like weird peach gummy rings. It's got a nice natural sweetness though, and the tea itself is beautifully delicate. Just, you know, with overtones of gummy peach rings.
A new year, a new tea sampler :-) This time, the Sherlock sampler. Still by Cara McGee, because hey, I liked the last one.

Adagio Teas Sherlock Sampler 2014

Molly Hooper
A sweet-ish blend of chamomile and rose hip with a hint of cherry and apple. This is basically a fancy version of the rose hip tea I would drink as a kid, which may play a role in how much I like it. But it's generally a really lovely herbal tea, especially with the fruity notes.

Mycroft Holmes
I mostly like this, but it had a weird sharp aftertaste I couldn't identify, but that wasn't working for me. Turns out it has both cloves and ginger, sadly. Otherwise, this is delicious. And really, some sugar and milk take the edge off the ginger enough where I can drink it just fine, even if it's not something I would order again. The chocolate and orange notes are delightful, and it smells divine. Maybe I'll have to get into potpourri instead of tea with this one :-) I wonder how Mycroft would feel about potpourri.

Mrs. Hudson
It's like a hug from your favorite medicated landlady. Grab a cuppa, have a seat, and listen to her tell stories of running away with cartel accountants.
But for reals, this is delicious. With cream and a sprinkle of sugar, it's like drinking an almond cookie. So good.

John Watson
I actually like the cinnamon in this, for a change. Adds a nice warmth to the Irish breakfast flavor, and the Earl Grey green tea is an interesting development. Quite lovely, in a delightfully British sort of way.

Sherlock Holmes
I can't even. And by that, I mean I can't even turn this into actual tea. I sniffed the tin and actually recoiled. Whatever "oriental spice" is, it needs to be banned to the seventh circle of Hell. And I may still feel bad for the damned.

Greg Lestrade
I would like this if it was Earl Grey or English Breakfast with the hazelnut notes. As is, I hate both Gunpowder and Pu Erh tea (the latter tastes like seaweed, which is only good in sushi), so sadly, this is a no as well. Though it does, for weird reasons, make for the perfect Lestrade tea. It just... makes sense. As do most of Cara's blends, really. She's very good.

A note: I do have to say that I hate the new sample tins these teas came in. They're smaller, and instead of a lid on a hinge, they slide open. Which means the tea is more tightly packed in, making it hard to scoop out with a spoon, and the lid isn't as tight as it could be. Not a fan.

However, Adagio actually responded to me telling them that, and apparently I'm not the only one who's not a fan. So this may change again after the holidays. And either way, I feel like they at least cared enough to read my email. So that's awesome.
Peet's Winter Solstice Tea, chocolate chip almond cookies, clementine, and Gilmore Girls.

Advent 2 2014

What? Baby!Milo Ventimiglia is cute.
After realizing my local tea shop doesn't make me happy anymore (the owner, she is mean), and kind of hating Teavana on principle (seriously, that store is weird), I rediscovered Adagio Teas online. Someone had pointed out the fandom blends a long time ago, but I never ordered - until a little while ago. Not really knowing what I like, other than the basics of Earl Grey, English/Irish Breakfast, and anything with mint in it, I got one of the samplers, which often happen to be fandom-themed.

First try? The Doctor Who sampler by Cara McGee, obviously.

Adagio Teas Doctor Who Fandom Sampler

Captain Jack Harkness
This is definitely a dessert tea. It's rooibos and ceylon black tea, with notes of almond and chocolate, and a whiff of scotch as it cools. I drink it with a little bit of sugar, and occasionally a splash of milk, but really, it's great all by itself, because Captain Jack needs no accessories.

Rory Williams
For some reason, ginger in tea always kills it for me. I like it in food, but in tea, it's too sharp or something, so this isn't the tea for me. Besides the ginger taste, this is really good though, so if you like ginger in your tea, this is a great full-bodied tea, especially with just a bit of milk.

Rose Tyler
This is delicious. Sweet, fruity, flowery, caffeinated. So good. But how could it not be, with Earl Grey and berries and apples in it?

Donna Noble
I think I would like this one without the cinnamon. I love Irish Breakfast, and the orange peel gives it a lovely citrus-y undertone and scent, but the cinnamon is too sharp for me in tea - probably the same reason I don't like ginger in my tea. If cinnamon is your thing (say, you get that Christmas blend tea at the grocery store), you should try this one. It does make a great builder's tea, which makes sense. You know Donna brought Wilf some builder's tea when they went stargazing together.

Amy Pond
I can't figure out what this one reminds me of - I feel like it's a tea I've had as a kid, but it's not coming to me. Either way, I'm not a fan. It's Christmas-y, but with too much citrus, and not enough tea flavor... or something. Maybe it's the cinnamon with the orange and the raspberry and the cranberry - it's too much, but still kind of boring. Sorry Amy, I love you, but this just isn't meant to be.

Martha Jones
Another dessert tea, with an odd but likable caramel note at the end. It's a little too spicy to become a true favorite (Jack is a better dessert tea), but it's really good with milk and sugar, and nice when a little bit of a change from my tea-related norm is needed.

Meh. It's not bad, but I think the coconut is bothering me. It works ok with milk and sugar (really, what doesn't), to make it more dessert-y, but I don't think it's something I would buy again.

Eww. I had a feeling I wouldn't like this one (gunpowder and chestnut, both not my faves), but seriously, this smells like dry rub for pork ribs. And tastes sort of like a mixture of cayenne pepper and stale Lipton's. Sorry Nine, but no. Not happening again, ever.

River Song
For something listed as having a whole bunch of different flavors, my first cup was remarkably flavorless. The second one was better, with some Earl Grey, plus citrus and eventually coconut, but everything was just sort of... blah. Maybe it's another one of those "too much of a good thing" things, and I'm not going to get rid of it or anything, but yeah, probably not something I'd buy again. Again.

It has chocolate in it. Like, actual mini chocolate chips. Part of my brain can't deal with that, the other part thinks this might be a great way to quell those cravings for hot chocolate without having to imbibe an entire mug of milk (which my stomach isn't a big fan of). I do sort of get the banana as well, but mostly it's chocolate black tea. Which you wouldn't think is good, but it actually is pretty delicious.

Overall, I'd call this pretty successful. Four teas to reorder, nine teas where I'll definitely finish the tin, and only one that's getting pawned off on some unsuspecting friends in the near future. That'll work.

Next? I'm thinking Supernatural. Because Crowley.
Chocolate chip cookies, Earl Grey tea, Grimm.

Advent 2 2013
Peach Baked Oatmeal, Darjeeling tea, Dracula.

Advent 1 2013
Real life is stressful, but really pretty boring to write about. I work. I come home and do the minimum amount of housework required to feed myself and not live in filth. My brain and I collapse on the couch and watch TV and knit. Usually while drinking tea.

I did realize why Supernatural is feeling slow... it's because I've been watching so many British shows that having a season actually have 23 episodes feels like utter madness. I mean, two filler episodes in a row? That's just crazytalk. At least I should be getting Crowley and Meg back soon - it doesn't help that I'm who knows how many episodes behind, but I miss the demons. And Cas.

Knitting... I've been knitting. Nobody's surprised by that :-) I have actually been mostly social with Rav people, which obviously involves more knitting. But it's nice to be able to meet up on a whim instead of having to pre-plan weekends so I can have time to drive for who knows how long. Or, you know, to plan meet-ups at all :-)

Saw the new Die Hard movie. It was pretty terrible :-) Like hand-flailing, WTF-stage-whispering, hysterical laughter terrible. Let's just say that Russia is not the only place they go to visit/destroy.

Got my registration for next year's Gallifrey One. Given that they were halfway sold out in an hour, that was probably a good idea. Lord knows what'll happen with the room block at the hotel - I'm going with "sold out in half an hour." Plan for next year: be more social.
I got my swap package today! So excited... it's a fun one :)


I got Angels & Elephants sock yarn, some different chocolates (European smarties! I might melt with joy...), of course jelly babies, and the awesomest, most wonderful part: a TARDIS piggy bank! I asked for one in my questionnaire not really knowing if it existed, but my partner actually got one for me :) Yay!

This is the package that's going out to my swap partner in Paisley, Scotland tomorrow. Kind of appropriate... a Doctor Who swap with a partner in David Tennant's hometown :)


The yarn is a handdyed wool/hemp blend from a now-discontinued local seller in sport weight. I haven't actually used it, as this was originally purchased for myself, but I'm happy to part with it, and I can always get some of the leftover stock they have at the yarn store in Nelsonville if I go that way anytime soon :) The coffee packs are samples from Perks, my favorite coffee shop uptown. There's Columbian decaf, Perk's house blend, French Vanilla decaf, and Creme Brulee, for a good sampling of what they have. The tea is also from Perks, a blend of green tea and mint from a local tea place called Herbal Sage. The beads are from a local bead store that has stuff from all over the world, and almost makes me want to start beading... gorgeous colors and lots of fun stuff. Lastly, buckeyes. The state candy of Ohio. Peanut butter covered in chocolate. Need I say more?



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