I really like these - relatively basic ribbed armwarmers, almost up to my elbow, with a low thumb gusset and a hand just up to my knuckles. In other words, finally armwarmers I can actually wear to do stuff :-) The yarn is Knitting Notions Superwash Sock, in the Sock Summit colorway. Laura got me this for a birthday gift at Wool Gathering... two years ago? Something like that. It's definitely good stuff.

Don't mind the cat. She was feeling neglected again. Sorry Ming, but that job interview was definitely necessary, even if it meant leaving you alone with Murdoch. Who fell off the couch again a few days ago. You'd think he'd learn... but he definitely doesn't.

They look so easy, with their ribbed leg and cute little lace pattern. Really, they made my head hurt for the first two pattern repeats. Then again when I switched from decreases to maintaining the stitch count. Good thing I got to stop before I'd have to figure out what to do on the other side of the foot :-P


They turned out nicely though, and made the best of a yarn I wasn't too sure about. But I like how the colors worked together - Handarbeitskram sock club yarns so far haven't disappointed. This was a True Blood Club colorway based on the opening credits of the series. *sings* When you came in, the air went out...

A little bit easier than Bex, even though the chart still looks crazy complicated. But at least the entire thing can be knit without a cable needle. Sometimes it's the little things that count :-)


The yarn is Zitron Trekking, bought somewhere in Cleveland... Brecksville? Broadview Heights? Somewhere around the big Metropark. Good stuff to work with, and the color changes don't really distract too much from the pattern, even though the photo makes you think so :-)
It's actually kind of weird when you're used to starting a new project as the fancy strikes you, but with no access to most of my yarn (which is currently on a truck on the way to Dusseldorf, I think), I've been keeping to one project at a time. I don't get to start anything new until I've either finished the last project, or gotten to the point where I can't go any further in the current situation - for example, I can't finish a second Veyla glove because I need to block the cuff before I can pick up stitches for the hand. Luckily, I'd subscribed to a yarn club before this whole drama started, so I have yarn and am still due four more skeins over the next two months. Plus, I should theoretically be able to get one of my boxes by the end of August - it's got WIPs and a pattern book I've been missing dearly. But I did finish a couple of things I can actually show off... a couple of scarves need to be blocked before they're presentable, and this first picture shows why that's not necessarily a good idea at the moment :-)


Yeah... I can't see white hair all over a gift scarf as a very good idea.

I also made a pair of socks (of course)... I have way too many sock patterns queued, but I only have sock yarn at the moment, so it's not too awful :-P


At least I'm getting Christmas taken care of... it makes up for not being able to cast on a shawl at the moment. Now, where would I buy lace yarn in Germany? Neither of the local places seems to carry any. They do both have walls of sock yarn, though...

Job Search: mediocre.

I found a number of openings at different places across the country, but sadly, most of those applications then disappear into the black hole that is university job boards. At least OU gives you an option for a contact person sometimes - a lot of other systems don't go beyond "info forwarded to department" in the way of status updates. I do have one interview at OSU on June 1 (fingers crossed for that one, it's pretty much exactly what I'm looking for), but otherwise things are quiet after two weeks of activity.

Got a very supportive (and pretty much expected) "no thank you" from the University of Chicago this morning, which seemed to be only down to a lack of certain basic qualifications they were looking for, not to any mistakes in the phone interview. I hadn't applied to that job posting to begin with because of those requirements, but the Director was given my resume by someone else and at least wanted to talk to me about the job, which was fantastic. Awesome program too, definitely worth the hour I spent on the phone with him.

Life: slowing down.

You know, having some extra time for fun stuff is fantastic. Lots of knitting time, lots of time for little things I've been wanting to get done but didn't have the motivation to do, lots of time to catch up on TV shows (Burn Notice is pretty awesome, for example). But guys, I'm bored. To the point where going to job hunting seminars in Columbus was a welcome way to spend a day. Rush hour from Canal Winchester to Powell, and I found it somewhat entertaining... well, except for that one day where it poured buckets and most drivers lost all ability to signal lane changes. But hey, it's adventurous, right? Yeah, we're just going to go with that.

Meeting random strangers I met on the internet: more fun than you'd think it would be.

I know I've mentioned the Harry Potter group off Ravelry before, but recently I got the chance to meet two of the other members in person, just to hang out and chat. One ended up having family in Athens, so we spent a couple of hours at the coffee shop chatting - she convinced me that looking for a job in Seattle wasn't a completely lunatic idea, among other things. She also lived in Japan and Germany for a while, so we had lots of stuff to talk about. The other girl is a grad student at the University of Wisconsin, in physical chemistry, who grew up in Columbus and was visiting her parents. So we had lunch after one of my seminar things, and had planned on going to a yarn shop in Powell afterwards, except it was closed. So we went to a yarn shop in Dublin instead :-P It is weird that it was the first time I'd ever seen that part of Riverside Drive? Probably... the only area I'd seen before was the bit between the freeway and the zoo. I think... my geography of that bit of Columbus is still kind of fuzzy.

Knitting: quite a bit.

Because it beats chewing my nails until they bleed while I wait for people to return my emails. And, well, because it's fun :)

Soon to come: ridiculously complicated socks, and hopefully a Dance of Joy.


Mar. 29th, 2010 07:34 pm

The insanity is finished!

Aeolian Shawl from Knitty, Plymouth Baby Alpaca Lace yarn, dark purple rainbow-ish beads. It's huge, it's kind of heavy, and it's absolutely gorgeous.

Of course, I have absolutely no occasion to wear this, and I'm pretty sure I also have nothing to wear it with. Do I care? Not really. I mean, look at it!

This makes me want to knit more lace, just because. There's a skein of teal and copper silk calling my name...
Probably the most knitting-productive month I've had so far, thanks to the HP group on Ravelry. I finished four classes, a bunch of stuff for Quidditch (charity knitting for points this term), and 33% of my OWL in time to turn in for progress points on Thursday or Friday.


Defense Against the Dark Arts - "what I fought this summer" essay, complete with Doctor Who theme. I know one person got it, hopefully people got a chuckle out of the random "attack of the cybermats" story. I absolutely adore this hat - yes, it's all mine :-)

Potions - make something to keep someone warm. Merry Christmas to, well, someone ;-)

Herbology - something made from at least 50% plant fiber. Of course, I chose 100% cotton because it's what I had laying around. I think I'll send this off to Suz and Howard for the new baby.

Care of Magical Creatures - taking care of Nifflers, which like shiny objects (who doesn't?). I mostly wrote a story about the earrings, but also made stitchmarkers for various people.

Quidditch - as a team, make things for charities of your choice. Our team chose "orphans" as the overall charity theme, so we're making things for Warm Woolies, Project Linus, a local animal shelter, etc. I finished a blanket and a hat, and am working on some seriously awesome mittens.

Owl - Transfigurations. Use up at least 1200 yards of yarn to make whatever you want. 33% completion required by the end of October. I finished 33% by the end of September :-)

Next up: October! No idea what assignments will be, but I'm hoping they'll continue to fit Christmas present ideas :-D

Free Stuff: read/download Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, for absolutely free, from this website. I own this book in three versions (paperback, audiobook, BBC miniseries), and absolutely completely love it. If you download the pdf file, it expires 30 days after the download date (just goes *poof* back into the ether), and the whole thing goes away September 23. Check it out, especially if you've never read Gaiman before... it's so worth it. Also, if you have issues with the file, here are a couple of instructions about the download... hopefully Harper Collins will fix that, but at least there's help with the download for now.

Cool Stuff: I've been reading about this computer game called Spore for a couple of days now (yes, I know I'm late to the game), and I totally want it :) You start with little single-celled organisms, and you can add bits and pieces by eating other organisms' DNA, and eventually you can decide to go from ocean to land. It's totally unrealistic, but sounds awesome! If anyone has it, let me know how you like it... I am tempted to find it on sale somewhere after Christmas at least.

Challenging Stuff:

I signed up for the Ravelympics (the knitting version of the Olympics) and actually got some of my projects done! I didn't overcommit myself, but had a couple of setbacks that kept me from finishing everything - mostly a lack of the right needles and a general dislike of the project I had picked as my third. I decided enjoying knitting was more important than finishing, so I got two projects done instead of three. But both fit, and look cute, and are wearable!

Ballet Camisole in Knitpicks Shine Sport in Aquamarine


It's a little wide, but I know how to fix it. I just want to run it through the washer and dryer first to see how it shrinks and reshapes. I already wore it to Sheanna's wedding shower and liked it, so I'm very happy with it! Aaaand I got a medal :)

Askew Top in Noro Silk Garden color 10 (I think)


This is more of a sweatervest, mostly because I don't want the yarn next to my skin. Pretty though, and it fits well :) It'll be nice in the fall and winter with a button front shirt or a long-sleeve t-shirt.

Look, knitting!

These are Monkey socks by Cookie A, from Knitty. Done in Regia Galaxy Color in the Jupiter colorway. I love these... a lot :)


From the same yarn, more squares for the Who Knits? Auction Afghan. Yet again I ran out of yarn, but [profile] vashtyphoon42is sending more yarn, so it's all good :) Also, the deadline is Wednesday... I need to stop knitting squares.


Other knitting news... signed up for the Ravelympics on Ravelry. You cast on during or after opening ceremonies, and finish before they extinguish the torch. In a fit of craziness, I decided on doing an entire tank top, finishing up Askew after almost two years, and possibly knitting a crazy cabled Shedir (at least that one is an alternate, not a full sign-up). I get to be part of Team TARDIS (yes, same Who Knits? people), which gets nicely around the whole "supporting the China Olympics" discussion: it's 2012 in London instead :D We're such geeks, but it's ok.

See, promised you knitting content, and finally gave you knitting content again. Now I need to get ready for a movie - going to see Hellboy 2 with Howard and Suz in a little bit.
I got my swap package today! So excited... it's a fun one :)


I got Angels & Elephants sock yarn, some different chocolates (European smarties! I might melt with joy...), of course jelly babies, and the awesomest, most wonderful part: a TARDIS piggy bank! I asked for one in my questionnaire not really knowing if it existed, but my partner actually got one for me :) Yay!

This is the package that's going out to my swap partner in Paisley, Scotland tomorrow. Kind of appropriate... a Doctor Who swap with a partner in David Tennant's hometown :)


The yarn is a handdyed wool/hemp blend from a now-discontinued local seller in sport weight. I haven't actually used it, as this was originally purchased for myself, but I'm happy to part with it, and I can always get some of the leftover stock they have at the yarn store in Nelsonville if I go that way anytime soon :) The coffee packs are samples from Perks, my favorite coffee shop uptown. There's Columbian decaf, Perk's house blend, French Vanilla decaf, and Creme Brulee, for a good sampling of what they have. The tea is also from Perks, a blend of green tea and mint from a local tea place called Herbal Sage. The beads are from a local bead store that has stuff from all over the world, and almost makes me want to start beading... gorgeous colors and lots of fun stuff. Lastly, buckeyes. The state candy of Ohio. Peanut butter covered in chocolate. Need I say more?



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