TV Show
I got back to watching Bones... and apparently forgot just how irritating I find that show sometimes. I love the science, I love the character relationships, but sometimes the whole "beautiful scientist who actually dresses nicely, yet still apparently has no idea she's beautiful" shtick just drives me mad. I seem to be getting over it with more episodes, so it's ok, unless some really obvious weird writing comes up. Which happens every couple of episodes, so not too bad.

I found some beads I still had floating around from... good grief, ages ago. So I put them to good use :-)


It's been kind of a boring weekend... for some reason, I thought I wanted a quiet weekend at home, but really, it wasn't any fun. Aside from the baking. That was awesome.


But I'm still going to have to come up with something for next weekend, besides cleaning the rest of the bathroom. That really doesn't count as having a fun holiday weekend.
Or something.

TV Show
Game of Thrones Season 2. I love Tyrion. I love Bronn. I love Ser Jorah. I love Arya. Really, I just love this show. And I cannot wait for next season, but the reason for that would be a spoiler. Let's just say I can't wait for Joffrey's wedding feast.

I found a fiber fair that didn't suck (thanks again for nothing, Knitters Connection...), and met a dyer I'd found on Etsy in person. I really like her stuff.

IMG_0260 IMG_0261

That darker one? Silk blend, colorway called "Idris." Yeah, she had a series of these, and we bonded over me knowing where the colorway names came from :-)

Travel Planning
We set a date for Ohio RenFest. Which will be in September instead of freezing off body parts in October :-P So excited!

I also have a couple of work trips coming up, but those are mostly excuses to listen to podcasts in the car, not exciting in and of themselves.
Went to see Spider-Man with Jess yesterday - quite enjoyed it, really. I mean, it's a superhero movie, but I was quite impressed with Andrew Garfield, who's rather funny, and Rhys Ifans was impressive as always. I know people haven't been happy about the reboot, but as reboots go, it wasn't a bad one. Now if they only decided to erase those Hulk movies from our memories with a Marc Ruffalo Hulk...

Travel Plans
It's almost time to book my LA flight for Gally! So excited. I actually found a roommate who already had a room at the Marriott, where the convention takes place, so I'm in the same hotel after all :-) I'm sure the jitters will show up eventually, but for now, I'm just so excited I finally get to go. Plus, new Doctor Who in like a month! And the new cast members for Game of Thrones S3 are AMAZING. Things are good in fandom world right now.

Pretty pretty shawl.

Asterope 1a

Pretty pretty handdyed turned into a pretty cute hat. Although neon green really isn't my color.

Brambles 2a

Of The Week

Jul. 8th, 2012 06:37 pm
I actually wrote myself reminders of what I was going to talk about - too bad at this point, it's been two weeks since I looked at those notes :-)

Stuff To Do
Went to a trivia night/pub quiz thing with Jess two-ish weeks ago. Got teamed up with what was likely the only two other people in the bar we were likely to get along with :-) To give you an idea, the conversations we had mostly involved geeky movies. Also, as a team we were pretty decent at trivia, and won $25 bucks in money to spend on Guinness and appetizers at Fado :-) They let Jess and me keep the gift card, since the bar wouldn't split the card (really?) - maybe we'll be able to return the favor next time.

Saw Snow White and the Huntsman over the holiday weekend, because it was going to be less crowded than Spider-Man :-) It was pretty much what I expected... Chris Hemsworth is badass (and has a talent for accents), Charlize Theron is gorgeous, and Kristin Stewart is forgettable (though she does get a pretty cool hairdo when they stick her in armor).

TV Show
Alphas, from SyFy. A pretty generic mutant show so far, but quite entertaining nonetheless. I'm pretty sure they only did the five episodes I watched this weekend, but since it reappeared on Hulu recently, Season 2 can't be that far away, and maybe then the pace of the story will pick up some more, instead of hinting at scary backstory.

I finished Laura and Bennett's wedding present, and technically they should have it by now. Isn't it pretty?

Serenity 1b

I'm also kind of obsessed with these little stuffies right now. No idea what to do with them, but I keep thinking about making more :-) They are very cute.

Owl Puffs 1

Of The Week

Jul. 1st, 2012 08:44 pm
TV Show
Netflix is finally cooperating with my internet, so I mainlined old Supernatural episodes. Coming off a somewhat disappointing Season 7, Season 5 is pretty much amazing. "I found a liquor store. And I drank it." I miss Cas.

Finished Changes. Almost screamed at the last page. Must buy Side Jobs and/or Ghost Story this week, the other book I started be damned. At least I have something to obsessively read until Dance with Dragons comes out in paperback :-)

Went to IKEA with Jess. Spent under $100, and didn't buy tealights :-) Lots of picture frames though. They also had pretty postcards again.

Yes, my apartment has pretty much turned into a crappy version of an IKEA showroom. Not sure I care though. I just finished hanging the rest of the frames today, so that's blog fodder for next week.

Followed this car for a bit on my way to knit group.

I have no idea. It's not a Google car, I don't think. Had lots of little camera and measuring things though. Air quality testing maybe?

Because every office parking lot needs an occasional boat in it.

Work has been crazy busy, and somehow I'm still surprised when I have an actual social life to deal with, so blogging keeps taking a back seat. Here's another catch-up post, because otherwise I'll never get back to it.

TV Show
Finished Deep Space Nine. I forgot how weird and flashback-y the last episode is, but otherwise I enjoyed it quite a bit. I think rewatching most of the Star Trek shows is going to be interesting - both this one and Next Generation kind of acquired an extra level of meaning over the past ten years, and I like coming back to that. Although I still wonder what happened to all of the DS9 actors; I think the only person I've seen on TV recently were Nana Visitor and John DeLancey in Torchwood.

AMC Theaters partnered with the National Theatre of Britain to show the recording they did of Frankenstein last year. Benedict Cumberbatch doing actual theater? How could I say no. If you haven't heard anything about this, BC and Jonny Lee Miller trade roles every night, so each plays the Creature one night and Frankenstein the next. The production was directed by Danny Boyle, and had some very awesome steampunk elements, in addition to excellent actors all around.

Of course, I was going to be all virtuous and only see one version (Wednesday night, BC as the Creature), and then, if I really really liked it, I could still get a ticket for the reverse version the next night. Needless to say I walked out wanting to buy another ticket, and did go back the next night. Also, I would totally buy it on DVD if they decide to release it (and really, why wouldn't they at this point). I mean, the whole thing was dark and scary and kind of depressing, but it was also funny and delightful, which I really didn't expect. I think I prefer BC as the Creature and JLM as Frankenstein, since those roles just seemed to work better for both of them, but both versions were really good, and nicely different, even on consecutive nights.

Finished the German crime novel, which was alright. Started reading Throne of Jade, by Naomi Novik, and love it just as much as the first one (His Majesty's Dragon). Britain, during the Napoleonic Wars... with dragons. Who can talk. Yeah :-)

What else... I don't know. My brain's kind of fried. Oh! It's World Wide Knit In Public Week this week. So please, if you see somebody knitting at the bus stop, don't stare. Look at them, smile, and ask them what they're making. It'll make for a nice change :-P
A German crime novel my mum left me when she visited. I'm... not convinced. Hopefully it's just a slow start, since the concept looks kind of interesting. We'll see... it's the only book I'm taking to Baltimore.

Laura and Ben's wedding present. Well, until Laura and Ben came to visit, when I randomly started a pair of socks. I should probably figure out who they're for, since I'm almost at the toe decreases for some people on the standard list.

Fun Stuff
Laura and Ben came to visit for the Troy fiber festival. I was mostly good (little more money than expected was spent, but it was beautiful yarn and I know exactly what it's going to be). I meant to buy a niddy noddy, but the only one at the entire festival wasn't what I was looking for. Guess I should have bought the one I saw in Dayton two weeks ago. Laura, being Laura, bought half a sheep and half an alpaca.

Crazy Idea
I blame this one on internet peer pressure and way too many scheduling conflicts for riding lessons: running. Specifically, Couch to 5k. I mean, seriously, what's wrong with me? Good thing it's likely going to stay a crazy idea :-P

Of The Week

Apr. 8th, 2012 04:17 pm
Easter edition, I guess... obviously I don't really do Easter :-)

TV Show
More Deep Space Nine. Finally got to "Little Green Men," where the Ferengi go to Area 51. It's probably one of my favorite episodes in the entire series, just because it's so... I don't know. Funny. Full of sarcasm. And it has a Cleveland reference that makes me laugh every single time.

I hate shopping. Today's attempt at some summer outfits and shoes ended with... a pair of khakis. Which really, I just need for a work event, not for summer. I either didn't like anything I saw, or it fit funny when I tried it on (because apparently, wanting to move your arms in a dress is just madness), or it only came in Old Navy's favorite neon mustard yellow color scheme. I did see one skirt I'm thinking of going back for, but I don't know which color I want. I tried it on in navy, and that was totally fine, but kind of boring. These two... I like the idea, but the prints don't really do it for me.

I'll probably end up getting the navy version later - it was very comfy, and I like skirts with pockets. And since I have yet to meet a pair of shorts that doesn't make me look like a Florida retiree, skirts seem to be the only alternative :-P

And no, we're not going to talk about my attempt at shoe shopping. It was ugly, on many levels.

New Thing
I had an actual riding lesson, on an actual horse :-) Which explains why I can't walk straight today...

Future Plan
I bought my registration for Gallifrey One 2013 - it's a bit of a "fingers crossed" thing at the moment, but there's a pretty good chance I can go (knock on wood) and I'd rather donate the registration fee or pass the registration along to someone else than not be registered or pay the higher fee later. After three years of thinking about and trying to go, maybe this time's the charm.

Stuff I do when I don't quite feel like knitting.

Now, I think I shall bake cookies.

Of The Week

Apr. 2nd, 2012 06:52 pm
Still reading Small Favor. Entirely loving Murphy at the moment.

TV Show
Still watching Game of Thrones. Still loving it. Even with the imminent chopping off of heads and dying of festering wounds. Also, Bronn is totally my favorite right now. The casting in this show is perfect.

I have a living room!

Excuse the "knitting nest" setup on the couch there. I'd blame it on the last day of the House Cup term, but really, term's over and it still looks like that. Surrounded by fiber :-)

Knitting Project
At least the pile of orange yarn on the couch is an actual scarf now.

No wait... I already talked about Hunger Games a little. I did watch Columbiana with Jess on... Thursday, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Also, I cannot wait for Avengers. I know everybody is looking forward to Tony Stark mocking Thor, but all I can think about is the first time Tony meets Loki. As I told Jess, the snark might just kill me, but I'll die giggling. And yes, midnight showing it is. I spent most of last week in an insomniac stupor, so one more night of very little sleep isn't going to make a difference.
I promised you content, didn't I...

TV Show
Started watching Game of Thrones (as in, I gave in and got the Netflix DVD plan as well). I'm really liking it, from an artistic and visual standpoint, and I think I'd get into the story more if I didn't know what was going to happen already :-) I guess that's the problem with reading the book first. But the casting and realization of the characters is still amazing - Sean Bean is obviously great, I'm liking Kit Harrington as Jon Snow, and Peter Dinklage as Tyrion is a stroke of genius. So sarcastic, so witty, so awesome.

Went to see Hunger Games with Jess yesterday, as a thank you for babysitting me on Saturday. I'm still not sure how I feel about the movie... it's like I should have had more of an emotional connection with it. Visually, again, awesome, most of the actors are excellent (was that Parker Posey, by the way?), but it just didn't hit me quite as much as it should have. I wonder if I'm missing too much background I would have gotten from the books - I spent much of the first third wondering how the Games originated, why the Districts rebelled, etc. I'll have to figure out Overdrive for my Kindle and actually download the books, I think. Or just get the paperbacks from B&N down the street.

Survived my sedated dentist appointment - more than survived, actually. I barely remember a thing :-) Which is exactly what I wanted - thank you Valium and whatever else they use for these things. I still have to go back and get the permanent crown put on, but I can deal with that on just nitrous oxide. Of course, I still was tense as hell the day before, and spent most of Saturday either in bed or on the couch, so my neck and back are a mess, but I found a massage place for Wednesday, which should at least take care of the worst of that.

Finished A Feast for Crows. Desperately want to run out and buy the next book, but I have two Dresden Files and the book Ben gave me for Christmas to read first. Plus, I have no idea if the next book is even out in paperback yet. I'll look into that when the time comes.

Riding lesson this weekend! Finally... it's been too long. The disadvantage of having spent a year in decent physical shape is that I can tell how awful a desk job is in that respect :-) So hopefully between the lessons and some other stuff, I can at least stay in somewhat decent shape. The zoo membership is likely to help too, give me an excuse to do more walking.

Why yes, I am kind of obsessed.

So sore... but I have a bed! And a nightstand! And shelves in pieces :-P It was exhausting, but worth it.

TV Show
Finished the first season of Deep Space Nice. I forgot how much I liked this show, and at the same time how heavy-handed the first season was with the big issue episodes. At least they tend to get better later.
Also finally finished Friday Night Lights, which actually didn't end with me yelling at the TV as I expected I would have to :-) Not sure what my non-Star Trek series is going to be now... probably depends on how often Netflix can play nice with my internet. Otherwise it'll be Hulu all the way.

My Friends Are Awesome
Not only did Jess help me carry furniture, she's also babysitting me after my sedated dentist appointment in two weeks. I'm hoping that not actually remembering the drilling and such for one appointment will be a start in getting over my phobia - the panic attack-y feeling is seriously annoying me, which makes me feel worse about going to the dentist... repeat ad nauseam until I want to pass out in the chair. So maybe this can break the cycle, and as having my wisdom teeth pulled was probably the most pleasant dentist appointment ever, the sedation should be a good start.

Have I mentioned how much I love no longer living like a squatter in my own apartment? I was getting seriously irritated with the piles of stuff in random corners, and once the shelves are set up (and I have a desk again), I'll actually have somewhere to put the stuff :-) Also, I have a bed! Yay! Which means most of the bedroom is done, it's just a question of completing the decorating.

Not So Happy
I hate Daylight Savings Time. That is all.
TV Show
I've started watching Alcatraz, and it's been interesting and very Torchwood-y, but I would just like to say that it's beginning to veer off into Lost territory - mysterious overarching plot with absolutely no movement towards even getting closer to a resolution - and that irritates me. I'm willing to be patient, but JJ better deliver this time :-P

Travel Planning
None, actually. I'm debating whether or not I want to do something over Independence Day - we have the Wednesday off, but it would still require taking two days vacation, and I'm not really sure where I want to go. Austin in July is equivalent to suicide, I would think, and Seattle is supposed to be rather full of tourists over that time as well. I may just decide to hang out here, go see the fireworks on Tuesday night, and relax on Wednesday.
Which leaves me with coming up with something for Labor Day - Austin is still going to be uncomfortable, and Seattle is probably still going to be full of tourists - Portland? No idea. We'll see.

Asian Pear. Apparently also called an Apple Pear, and most likely a cross between an apple and a pear. I liked it, but not enough to justify the pricetag a second time. Pears do sounds good, however :-) Baked with honey and brie, even better.

Did I mention I finished the crazy sock yarn blanket? It's already on its way to charity, but see? Finished :-)

Alright, basketball's calling :-D
It's been one of those weekends where nothing really worked out... tried to buy dress pants: failed. Tried to do French homework: mostly failed due to loss of brain. Tried to cook some dinners for the next few days: failed. Guess I'll have to make spaghetti sauce tomorrow or something. I seriously need to expand my recipe range some more.

TV Show
Finished the US version of Being Human. Figured out why I was on the fence about it - it lacks half of the emotional impact because half the scenes, I've seen before. It doesn't really matter how Aidan gets stabbed when I know he will get stabbed and Sally will miss her door because of that. Sorry, spoilers? Not really, since we've probably all seen it before. I really like the characters, and I like it when they go off Toby Whithouse's original script, which I think they'll be doing more of in this next season.

Craft Stuff
More dyeing.

I love the concept of kool-aid dyeing, but it's too fast... it only takes an evening, so the outlay of money per time feels larger. (I know, I then get to knit with the stuff. But that's a different activity.) The new goal is to focus on stashbusting - I want to do some larger projects, but don't feel like I should be getting materials for that while I have perfectly good yarn sitting around. Have we heard this before? Yes. Re-stating my goals for this year is a good reminder, no? :-)

IKEA sometime in early March. I'm sick of not having a desk and bed, so with the influx of some surprise cash, I'm going to spend some of it on furniture. I'm very excited about it, even though it'll be an exhausting weekend loading and unloading a cargo van and putting everything together. But I'm actually looking forward to organizing :-)
Quinoa. I'm not sure how I feel about it - it was good, but now my stomach hurts a bit. We'll see if it's a misjudgment of how filling the stuff is, or if it's something about the grain itself that bothers me. The peanut butter chicken I made with it is also good, but I'm not sure I'll make that again either. Just not... very impressed with it.

Finally finished A Storm of Swords and started reading A Feast For Crows. Still liking the series, although it really is kind of hard to stay glued to a story that doesn't seem to be drawing to any kind of conclusion. I mean, I don't think it's supposed to yet, but I am starting to feel strung along. Maybe it's a good thing that after this book, I'll have to take a break for lack of further paperback materials :-) I don't think A Dance With Dragons has been out long enough to have a mass market paperback yet.

Shipwreck continues apace - mostly just knitting mesh lace in circles, while adding beads every couple of stitches. It's coming out very nicely, although you can't really tell with it all scrunched up on the needles, but I'm definitely on track to finishing next month. Photos when it's actually looking like a shawl :-)

I turned the handdyed yarn I showed off a few weeks ago into a hat. I love it, and I'm kind of sad the colors look horrible on me. I'll have to make another one with the blue-green yarn or something.

Of The Week

Feb. 5th, 2012 05:21 pm
Baked mac & cheese. Delicious. It's just equal parts pasta and cheese layered in a baking pan with some spices (and cooked chicken, because I had it), splashed with some milk, and baked for 30 minutes at 350F. Yummy even with reduced fat cheese, which I bought by accident, but may get again next time I make this. I'm trying to figure out if there's veggies that would go with it too - for some reason I'm stuck on Brussels sprouts. But I do like Brussels sprouts, so that may be a good idea :-)

TV Shows
More Star Trek TNG. I find it to be quite relaxing, much less intense than current sci fi. Which is nice :-) I also started watching the US version of Being Human... it's weird. Probably because I keep being reminded of the UK version and thinking the US version sucks, and then they do something original and I like it for half an episode, and then they copy parts of the UK script again and I go back to kind of hating it. I'm also disappointed that Sally/Annie is the only character they straight up copied - even put her in basically the same clothes. Really, people? She had to be dark-skinned with dark curly hair and wearing a grey wrap sweater over leggings? You couldn't even put her in jeans or something?
For some reason I'm also still watching Grimm... I adore the storylines, but the German puns are driving me bonkers. Like, we've seriously reached "painful" territory at this point, passing "kind of sexist" along the way. But it's such a good idea for a show... yeah. Jury's still out on that one.

I think I found a new knitting group :-) People my age (mostly) who are not obsessed with babies (even their own). Given none of that was really the case with the Athens group, this is very positive. I'm looking forward to the next meeting to see if the good things repeat. Although I'm glad it'll be at a different location - the tea shop was lovely, but a bit dark and the chairs were a bit uncomfortable. And it'll be nice to have some variety of scenery.

Unfaithful :-) I keep starting new things and then forcing myself to go back to the older projects, which means I have a bunch of things started and very little finished. At least I finished a pair of socks at the meet-up yesterday, freeing those needles for a new pair. And that pair covers an upcoming birthday, which I'm considering progress.

Travel Planning
Ongoing. Lexington is all set except for actually going, and Baltimore is set as far as getting there, which is all I'm doing until I get back from Lexington anyways. First, I must take my first overnight business trip on the new job :-) If we get stuck in a blizzard on the way to Ann Arbor, I'll be really mad.

Coming into work early sometimes has serious perks.

Still reading A Storm of Swords. Just had two of the most interesting characters killed off. In positive news, one of the most loathsome characters also died gruesomely, but seriously... we're going to need to introduce some new people soon, otherwise we'll be out of people to tell the story.

Bought udon today. Kind of hated it :-) The taste is fine, but the smell is too seaweed-y for me, and it's all I can think about while eating. The noodles are ok, but I doubt just eating the noodles is the point. Guess I'll stick with sushi and bento boxes, since I'm pretty sure soba comes with the same kind of broth.

Finally hung my moon picture, and found a cheap astronomy calendar to go with it. Really wanting to buy furniture soon - I miss having a nice desk to work at. At least for now I can go to the coffee shop near campus (well, one of them, obviously, since campus is huge). It's actually nice and quiet because 85% of the people there at any given time are studying :-)

Finished another chapter of the French course. I feel way behind, but with a plan, I can catch up. I also need to look for some easy French reading or listening exercises, because my biggest issue right now is not having continued exposure to the language, so my vocabulary sucks. I am pretty sure I'm competent at renting a room and ordering food, at least - that's the most important things covered, I'd say :-)

Beauty shot of yesterday's yarn. I'm already thinking about what to make with it.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Working on a Shipwreck shawl. About to reach the beaded section. Very much looking forward to the look of the beaded section, not so sure about pre-stringing beads by the hundreds. Update next week.

Captain America: The First Avenger. Mostly I'm excited this was the last movie before The Avengers comes out in May. It was much better than Thor, and has excellent Rifftrax potential (must remember to watch Rifftrax), but I'm not terribly excited about it. Avengers, on the other hand... CAN. NOT. WAIT.

Down to Athens for the OU/Miami basketball game. Tally of years of my life lost to OU basketball: +5. I have no idea how they won that game. But they did. And it was awesome. Even if our seats weren't that great. Going back for the OU/Akron game in February, mostly there was a "buy a t-shirt, get a free ticket" deal going on. I know I've said it, but it still surprises me how much I appreciate Athens when I don't actually have to live there. Especially Court Street.*

I made hats for charity. Mostly while watching TV with Laura and being amused by her cats.

*During the day.
Post-Crawfordsville edition :-)

Had an excellent weekend with Laura. No, we didn't really do anything but knit and watch Supernatural, but those activities and that adjective are never mutually exclusive. I'm kind of sad we didn't get to see the last Sherlock episode together as well, but I think we were twitchy enough from the Winchester angst. And we did go to campus to prep for Laura's class on Monday. Plus I got Aeris to sit on my lap - mostly because Laura wasn't available, probably :-)

Travel Planning
Set up a date to visit Sara in Baltimore. Managed to put in a leave request at work without imploding the computer system (given their track record with my HR-type stuff, this is kind of miraculous). Now just hoping the request gets approved before the flights get more expensive, but it's not like Southwest actually gets expensive. Just more expensive than "pretty darn cheap."
Still sort of debating Rolex in April. On one hand, I want to go and see people and hang out at the horse park, on the other hand I've been before, mum probably isn't coming, and I don't know that I want to go by myself. We shall see.

TV Show
Shows, really - Supernatural. (The angst. The pretty. The gore.) Psych. (The crazy.) Sherlock. (OMG my brain hurts. Also, the pretty. Oh, the pretty.) Plus some Star Trek: TNG. (I forgot how irritating I find Wesley most of the time, although he does get better with age.)

Did I mention I went to see Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy? I enjoyed it (there's pretty, and it's mind-bendy), but I don't think I actually got it. Which may have been the point. I'm going to have to rent it sometime and re-watch. See if it makes more sense... well, it made sense, just... not really. Typical British spy drama, then :-P

Apparently I have no pictures on this computer. Probably because they're all on the harddrive, and I'm too lazy to find the cord. Next week, promise.
TV Show
I finished Season 4 of Friday Night Lights. I shouldn't like this show - football, Texas, high school drama - but I do. The writing is fantastic, and they make you feel for characters even if you don't like them or agree with their actions. I don't know how they do it - but they do it well. Plus, I do love Taylor Kitsch. He's very pretty :-P

Still reading A Clash Of Kings. Still loving it. In a way, it reminds me of Spooks (the TV show)... you never know who's going to make it past the next chapter. Makes things more interesting, and introduces new characters and story arcs without piling them into oodles of old characters and story arcs. Excellent read. Plus, long read - I think book 5 in the series just came out a little while ago. I just hope George RR Martin doesn't die before he finishes the story... I haven't read the last couple Wheel of Time books yet, but after that Hitchhiker's Guide sequel, I'm not a fan of new writers taking over someone else's plot. Works for comic books, maybe, but not always.

Candles. Last Christmas gifts (almost done). Crockpot. The big crockpot came with a mini-crockpot, so I'm trying to figure out what to make with that - something that's not artichoke dip or nacho cheese dip or something equally high-caloric, hopefully :-) Also got a gift for the office gift exchange. Not quite excited about the almost-German mug of treats idea I ended up going with, but I couldn't find anything to work for the other ideas I had. And a $10 limit gets kind of difficult kind of quickly if you don't really know the people you're doing a gift exchange with yet.

Giant turtle likes dog food, apparently.

So... how did it get to be Sunday night already? Good thing we have holidays coming up soon. I'm still not used to having a set schedule to my days again yet.
TV Show
Merlin (Season 3). I love this show. It's not all that related to the traditional story anymore, but it still has all of the important stuff: friendship, courage, love, humor. Also awesome writing, swordfights, magic, and great acting. I was especially impressed with Katie McGrath this season, because she made Morgana just the right amount of evil without going all cackle-y and totally mad. Pretty impressive, especially considering that she almost started working on the show as a costume assistant instead of an actress. I really hope she continues acting instead :-)

Well, I bought a car. It's cute (and supposedly blue), it was in my price range, and the mechanic I took it to for an inspection didn't laugh at me and tell me to return it :-P I'll take a picture tomorrow, when it hopefully stops raining long enough.
Idiot car sales guy actually called again - I ignored him, but if it happens again, I'm driving over there and making a scene in the showroom. No, it won't accomplish anything (especially since I already bought a car somewhere else), but it'll make me feel better :-)

Fun Stuff
Hung out with Alan and the cats, played Carcassonne, watched movies. In other words, perfect Saturday.

Thanksgiving dinner was delicious, especially the mashed potatoes. Really, the entire weekend was delicious, from the Thanksgiving appetizers to the gourmet grilled cheese on Saturday to tonight's sushi. I think tomorrow may be spaghetti.



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