Otherwise known as "the only type of Albannach concert I've ever been to." Because really, at this point I just go to ogle boots and listen to music.

Ohio Renaissance Festival 2014 Highland Weekend

Ohio Renaissance Festival 2014 Highland Weekend

Ok, and to watch women in bloomers harass random audience members. This guy was way too into it though.

Ohio Renaissance Festival 2014 Highland Weekend

Also, we found this at the Brown Cow booth. It's totally the kind of angry octopus Carrie would draw.

Ohio Renaissance Festival 2014 Highland Weekend

All in all, a worthwhile Saturday. And yes, next year I'm buying the boots.
Last year, my online friend Emily (isn't it awesome how I call people I've never actually met "friends"? Just go with it, ok?), along with some other people, hosted a panel at Gallifrey One talking about the music of modern Doctor Who. I can't find the actual recording online right now, but here's the blog post, and I'm sure if you're interested, Emily would be willing to share :-)

The panel from this past year is available to stream, and if you're interested in Doctor Who, you should give it a listen. I generally have no idea about music beyond "this is awesome and pretty and emotional and kind of cool," but it's still interesting and points out a couple of cool things that you may or may not have picked up on before. Obviously last year's panel had a lot more moments like that because I'm more familiar with the new show, but even this year's panel pointed out some really interesting things.

Also, "I Am The Doctor" is probably my favorite bit of Doctor Who music ever. It's just sooooo much fun. And now I want to buy more soundtracks. Hey look, an Amazon gift card I got for Easter :-)
I want you to go to YouTube and look for Eric Whitacre's TED Talk from early 2011, called "A Virtual Choir 2000 Voices Strong."

Go look. I'll wait.

Yeah. It's Reason #18493 for why I love the internet.
I love Glee :-)

Nothing much to talk about today (already, I know), so please enjoy this musical interlude from Felicia Day!

I'm off to South Bend for a few days tomorrow to visit Laura and meet the cats. She's teaching me to spin (Laura, not the cat), and we're doing some dyeing if the weather cooperates. I'm dreading the drive, but it'll be a fun weekend :-)



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