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Mar. 7th, 2014 01:55 pm
In the end, Gally isn't really about the famous people for me (though they are a most definite bonus). It's really about the fact that you can stick 3700 people into a hotel, give them cool stuff to do, and most of them will get along splendidly. (Also, the hotel staff is amazing.)

Gallifrey One 2014

Standing in line, you're only ever lonely if you want to be. Otherwise, someone will talk to you. Promise.

Gallifrey One 2014

People will put up random signs and removeable graffiti - last year's Bad Wolf sticky notes were this year's Captain Jack pick-up lines.

Gallifrey One 2014

And of course, ribbons. So many ribbons. Though Paul Cornell wins best ribbon this year.

Gallifrey One 2014

Until next year, sweetie. I've got the ticket sales on my calendars.
I think Frazer Hines and Deborah Watling are my favorite Classic Who companion pair. I love how they're obviously still friends after all these years.

Gallifrey One 2014

Deb Stanish of Verity podcast interviewing Paul Cornell about his book London Falling. A really good book, a really good interview with lots of lovely details about the research behind the book, and overall just a really nice guy, as far as I can tell.

Gallifrey One 2014

Katy Manning and Nicola Bryant have WAY too much fun together. Katy is crazy (seriously, but in a good way), and Nicola is hilarious, so needless to say, my face hurt after that panel from laughing so much.

Gallifrey One 2014

And of course, there were the Sheppards (yes, Morgan and Mark, father and son - how cool is that). I can't tell if I want to hang out with them for family barbecues, or if I'd die from all the friendly snark, but for an hour? Hilarious.

Gallifrey One 2014

I don't know if this story is actually true (because yes, Mark Sheppard lies) (hey, ribbon idea: Rule 1: Mark Sheppard lies), but I love the idea of the DW staff asking Mark when he wanted to come on for the old-man face prosthetics and him going "why don't you just ask my dad?" How perfect is that? :-)

Gallifrey One 2014

Also, I love how Mark does panels: walk on stage with a microphone and go "alright, ask me/us questions." The perfect balance between fan engagement and mercilessly mocking some of them. (To be fair, she asked about shipping. Again. Then Mark made her explain the concept of slash fic to his dad. Priceless.)

Gallifrey One 2014
Because geeks are amazingly creative people.


Cosplay Awesomeness

This Novice Hame outfit won All The Prizes at the Masquerade. For good reason.

Cosplay Awesomeness

BAMF gun!

Cosplay Awesomeness

Points for tracking down that bright orange suit, and for making it work.

Cosplay Awesomeness

So many Osgoods.

Cosplay Awesomeness

Cute! And creepy! And cute! But creepy! Welcome to Gally...

Cosplay Awesomeness

Ice-skating River, worn by an actual archaeologist. Her ribbon? "Archaeologist. Love a tomb."

Cosplay Awesomeness

On Saturdays, UNIT takes over convention security.

Cosplay Awesomeness

Yes, those are Gallifreyan robes. With embroidery.

Cosplay Awesomeness

More beads. I mean, seriously. How can you not love this.

Cosplay Awesomeness

Moisturise me! (Yes, that's what their ribbon said.)

Cosplay Awesomeness

However, my favorite? These guys. So. Cute.

Cosplay Awesomeness
The Daleks totally deserve their own post. I think there were at least 5 actual Dalek replicas, and considering how difficult those things must be to transport, that's just cool.

Talking Dalek (with controller kind of off to the right)

Dalek 4

Arguing Daleks (obviously)

Daleks 3

Oswin Dalek (including child inside, with bonus trippy carpet)

Oswin Dalek 3

Vacation Dalek (one of the maids came out on the balcony right after I took that picture, and proved that the Marriott staff has given up being weirded out by con guests a long time ago - of course, the cruise ship guests on Saturday were much less... accustomed to the weirdness)

Dalek Balcony 2
Oh, the cosplay :-) So much cosplay. So much awesome cosplay.

My favorite Captain Jack. He also had the coat, and the hat, and the moves in the masquerade :-)

Captain Jack Harkness

There were cat nuns...

Cat Nun

... and Mesdames de Pompadour...

Madame De Pompadour

... and an impossible astronaut...

The Impossible Astronaut

... and a snowman...


... and an adipose! So cuddly.

Adipose 2

There were Doctors...

Doctors 3

... and Donna, and River.

Donna & River

And where there's a River, and a Doctor in a fez...

What in the name of sanity 1

Obviously :-)
So many guests! This is maybe a third of them?

Opening Ceremony 4

I got my Mark Sheppard autograph on Friday - I don't think I made too big of an idiot of myself, but if I did, I doubt he'll remember me after someone else asked him about a slashfic pairing in the interview session :-P - almost by accident because the line was short when I walked past it. Apparently someone realized putting an autograph table in the hallway wasn't the greatest of ideas at the time.

Autograph Line

This is an excellent example of why I have no photos of the main panel talks - neither the iPod nor the camera could handle indoor zoom photos. I only know this is Mark Sheppard because I sort of remember what he was wearing for the interview. (The Ben Browder pictures on the other hand could just as well be of the tech guy fixing the microphones.)

Mark Sheppard 1

It was quite an entertaining interview/panel/something... it was supposed to be an interview, but apparently handing Mark Sheppard a microphone and a room full of fans is much more entertaining when there's not another person involved :-) It was a pretty funny 45 minutes, although I think "dressing up in costumes like you guys do is the bravest fucking thing I've ever seen" made a fair share of people tear up. It was pretty fantastic :-)

Ben Browder's interview was also quite entertaining - we got everything from his audition for Farscape (there was blood, apparently) to the reason for his current epic mustache. And Finn Jones was simply hilarious for being fidgety and a bit foul-mouthed and way excited about talking to people about... everything. I think even Tony Lee was impressed.

Finn Jones & Tony Lee

Sylvester McCoy probably scared the crap out of his handlers by simply walking off the stage with a microphone at the beginning of the interview and zipping (no really, zipping) through the audience for questions. So much energy, so funny, so adorable. The grandpa you want in your life, right up until he pulls out a hip flask during your fifteenth birthday party :-)

Sylvester McCoy 9

But I think the coolest thing about most of the guests was that they would actually walk around the hallways and talk to people, not just hide in the green room only to emerge for autographs and interviews and photo sessions. I ran into both Philip Hinchcliffe (Doctor Who producer during the Tom Baker years) and Finn Jones coming off the elevator, I almost ran into Frazer Hines and Sylvester McCoy on the way to the lobby, Neve McIntosh and Dan Starkey probably spent as much time on the con floor as I did, and were always talking to people, and Ian McNeice seemed to enjoy just sitting in the lobby and watching the madness :-)

Ian McNeice 1 (I stole that photo from Emily, but was basically standing on the other side of the table at some other point during the weekend.)
"... anything that ever happened, or ever will. Where do you want to go?"

Apparently, at Gally on Friday, one builds a TARDIS...

TARDIS Build 3

... including the ultimate telecommunications set-up.

TARDIS Build 1

Of course, this one's a replica, built by TARDIS-Tara and set up in one of the rooms for photo ops. The real one arrived just in time for the opening ceremonies.


Isn't she pretty?


And she's brought Sylvester McCoy!

Sylvester McCoy 3

Who is only a tiny little bit shorter than Chris from Radio Free Skaro.

Sylvester McCoy 1

Of course, these two were not the only TARDIS versions around. I only got a picture of one other one, but there were a lot of TARDISes. Most of them really nicely done. Lots of corsets and fancy hats.

(If that reference makes no sense to you at all, try this link. Two years ago, that song made me cry because I couldn't be there. This time around, it was much happier.)

So... Gally! So much stuff to talk about, I obviously had no idea where to start. So I ignored the blog for a bit :-D I'd be terrible at this if anyone actually cared about how often I update. Which you guys don't... right?

Anyways! Gally is awesome. And exhausting. And brilliant. And slightly terrifying when you're bad at meeting new people and have no idea how to start conversations with random strangers. Lobbycon (basically, Thursday night when everyone is there but no programming has started, and most nights thereafter) in particular was... interesting. But fun. A bunch of geeks taking over the lobby of an otherwise straight-laced airport hotel is always going to be fun on some level.

Lobbycon 1

It's not quite as busy in the mornings, but there really wasn't a time when I walked through the lobby and didn't see at least 20 people who obviously were there for the same reason I was.

Lobbycon 2

The funny thing about the Marriott is that, if you're in the right frame of mind, all of the decor looks Gallifreyan. Especially the carpets.

Carpet of Rassilon

And being the geeks they are, people add decor of their own. Be that the cubes from "The Power of Three"...


... or the best bathroom graffiti I've seen in a long time.

Bad Wolf

The other thing about Gally is badge ribbons. It's a thing. People have ribbon trails 20 feet long (no really, it's that crazy). I didn't go quite as all-out, mostly due to not having ribbons to trade, but I collected a fair share over the weekend.


I think the first one is my favorite, even if it has nothing to do with Doctor Who.

Ribbons 1 Ribbons 2

Tomorrow: the TARDIS! But for now, I'm going to leave you with the coolest motorcycle ever. Now signed by Freema Agyeman.

Motorcycle 1



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