Could we please stop killing people for a bit? Seriously. What the fuck, Baltimore.

As usual, when I can't do anything about the actual source of my frustration, I do something else to try to make the world a little less horrible. This time, it's some mail to Wool-Aid. Because that is something I can do.


Must. Knit. Faster. Maybe that'll make things better.
Bridge & Beyond is a local charity that collects handmade items for people living on the street, in shelters, or in temporary housing. One of the things they ask for is hats, because Ohio is bloody freezing in the winter. While using up some worsted-weight leftovers from a previous project, I put together this simple pattern for a nice, stretchy hat that should fit a wide range of possible recipients.


women's S-M, (men's S-M/women's M-L, Men's M-L)

about 120 yards of worsted weight yarn - these are a great way to use up leftovers
US 7 / 4.5mm needles (DPNs or circulars, depending on your preferred method of knitting in the round)
Tapestry needle for weaving in ends
8 stitch markers (optional but helpful)

Cast on 80 (88, 96) stitches. Place your marker, join in the round (and don't twist anything that shouldn't be twisted).

Work in 1x1 rib for about 5 (5.5, 6) inches.

Work one more round in pattern, placing markers every 10 (11, 12) stitches - you’ll end up with 8 sections of 10 (11,12) stitches each. Note: If you're working with 88 stitches, it's much easier to divide them into alternating 10-stitch and 12-stitch sections.)

Decrease round 1: *ssk, work in pattern to marker*, repeat from * to end of round.
Decrease round 2: work in pattern (knit the knits and purl the purls)
Repeat these two rows until you have 32 (40, 48) stitches left.

Work decrease round 1 every round until you have 8 stitches left.

Cut yarn, thread through stitches, pull top closed.

Weave in ends.

Bridge Hat 1

You can make the body of the hat longer, allowing for a folded brim and heavier coverage over the ears. Just be careful when you weave in ends, so they don't show when the brim is folded up. If you're even more careful when weaving in ends, the hat is reversible :-)

Bridge Hat is also on Ravelry - please link your projects!

Pen Porn

Nov. 11th, 2014 03:54 pm
Because this year my birthday is in the middle of the week again, I did what any sane person would do: I celebrated early :-)

Jen and I started with our annual pilgrimage to the Ohio Pen Show in Dublin. She pointed it out to me three years ago, and it totally triggered repressed memories of really liking fountain pens as a kid :-) This year's haul was a bit larger than expected, but totally worth it.

A burgundy medium nib Lamy AL Safari, J Herbin "Larmes de Cassis" ink cartridges, and a J Herbin ink rollerball to play with. All from Anderson Pens, my very favorite booth at that show. Probably because the people working there include one of, like, three women who work at that show :-)

I also grabbed some burgundy Monteverde cartridges and a gorgeous notebook from a vendor whose name I've forgotten - but it's a leather-bound notebook with narrow-lined paper for $15! I was a bit incredulous about the deal I was getting. And the fact that the vendor was basically the only older white guy in the entire show who actually talked to me. (Most of the other vendors have a habit of ignoring younger women at their booths. We tend to go and give our money to other people when that happens.)

Other people who actually spoke to us included the guy at Edison Pen Company (shiny neon green clear resin pens!), who I think may have been the owner, Brian Gray.

And Ryan Krusak, who makes THE MOST GORGEOUS STEAMPUNK PENS EVER. No, seriously. Look, Kraken pen.

I want one.

After spending way too much money there, we went to Panera (which is staffed by saints - I'm still impressed they've never even looked at us funny), where we freaked out the Muggles by knitting in public, and amused the kids by putting hats on stuffed dragons :-)

Oh hi. It's been... ages, hasn't it. Sorry. I kept thinking about fun blog posts, but was always foiled by "ugh, I don't want to pull pictures off the external hard drive" or by "well, I'm not taking pictures in this weather, so whatever," and ended up knitting and watching TV instead. Maybe I'll finally pull those photos this weekend, or something.

Things that happened: a wedding (fun), Great Lakes Medieval Faire (wet and muddy, but fun), shoe shopping (brightly colored and on sale), and Dublin Irish Festival (wet and muddy, but loads of fun). I'm sort of hoping "wet and muddy" doesn't become our theme for outdoor festivals this year. You hear me, Ohio RenFest? Don't do that.

Currently, I'm knitting socks (surprise), slowly packing for France (just how many pieces of clothing can I take and then get rid of?), and fretting over immigration stuff (nothing major, just generic "I kind of hate this"). But hey, France! I haven't been to France in ages, and never to this particular part of it. I'm excited.

Also, you all have to go see Guardians of the Galaxy, like, right now. So. Much. Fun. And I'm never getting "Hooked on a Feeling" out of my head ever again.

So... yeah. Here, have some beaded lace.

Maia 2b

Maia 2c

Maia, designed by Romi Hill, the beaded version, in Apple Tree Knits Plush Fingering (the colorway is "Frost" or "Glacier" or something like that).
Apparently I either blog about events, or I throw random things at you and run away. May as well embrace the pattern, right? :-)

Breaking Bad
I finished the series this past weekend. I... don't get the hype. I mean, it was a good show, and the first two seasons were great, but... well. Apparently I can't get over the idea that someone with lung cancer would have to resort to meth cooking to pay medical bills. Welcome to America.

Season 3 is on Netflix. I know how I'm spending my evenings this week.

My biggest recently completed project is a wedding gift, so we'll have to hold off on showing that to you until after the party. But here, have some obnoxiously bright socks I made for Afghans for Afghans.


And here's yet more proof that, if a dye can break, I will break it. No matter what.


Kool-Aid Ghoul-Aid in Scary Blackberry. Which comes out of the packet black-purple and turns into brown and teal on yarn. I no longer have any respect for people who let their kids drink kool-aid, by the way. Nobody should be ingesting that stuff. It's great for yarn though :-)

After a month and a half of waiting for parts, I'm finally getting my ignition switch fixed this weekend. Thanks, GM. You've pretty much guaranteed I will avoid you for the rest of my car-buying days. Speaking of, I should start saving for a new car. This one's hit 118,000 miles recently, and I have a feeling (knocks on wood) that it won't make it to 200,000.
I may have finally lost it.

December 2013


January 2, 2014


January 13, 2014


February 27, 2014


March 29, 2014

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go knit something with complicated charts. And possibly beads.
I hope you like your present :-)


Firebird 1d

Firebird 1e

Firebird, by Lilia Komosa, nupps replaced with beads (in case anyone's wondering)

Me, I'm off to the pub.
In case you missed it, the Winter Olympics just ended. I... did not watch them. First, because the whole Sochi/Russia thing is completely fucked up on so many levels. Second, because NBC's coverage is horrible. Third, because NBC wouldn't even let me pay for their coverage if I wanted to - online coverage was only available to people who also have a cable subscription (which is all kinds of stupidly moronic). So: I got my Olympics updates from Twitter and the Daily Show, and instead focused on the Ravelympics Ravellenics (whole other kettle of geese, that).

I decided I was making socks (shocking, I know). One pair, knit mostly at home, features kool-aid dyed yarn, because it was on top of the pile of sock yarn.

I Dreamed of Africa Socks 1

One pair was started at Gallifrey One, because panels in the main room are great for knitting.

Matching knitwear? I know, blasphemy! But... well.

Bakau 1c

Maia Gloves 2b

I seem to have done it by accident.

Bakau by Asa Tricosa, Maia Fingerless Gloves by Romi Hill, both knit in Handmaiden Casbah Sock in lord knows what colorway (possibly Periwinkle).

Bakau 1d

In my defense, it was mostly because the shawl pattern lied about yardage, and I was able to comfortably get the gloves out of the leftovers and still have leftovers of the leftovers. Also, stash beads FTW.
I love this shawl. It's so freaking pretty.

Peacock Feathers 1c

Peacock Feathers by Dorothy Siemens, knit in Prism Lace Wool. It's big, it's floaty, it's warm, and it's gorgeous.

Peacock Feathers 1d

Now I just need a reason to wear it :-)
When the world in general really gets on my nerves, and politicians I have no influence over decide to pull a whole lot of crap (like they have been in the past month, especially), I knit for charity. Seems like a more effective use of my time than repeatedly banging my head against a brick wall while chanting "who the hell put those guys in charge?"

Charity Knitting


Jul. 5th, 2013 02:54 pm
Knitted neon mushrooms, stuffed with catnip. I crack myself up sometimes.

Pattern: Wee Mushrooms, by Ysolda Teague, from Whimsical Little Knits 2

Wee Mushrooms 1
If only every sweater was as easy to make as this one. And it's totally adorable.

Pattern: Garter Yoke Baby Cardi by Jennifer Hoel
Yarn: Yarn Lust Organic Merino Sport (sadly, the dyer seems to have gone under), a present from Laura


I love the buttons too. For some reason, prep school jacket buttons on baby items always amuse me a lot. These were just from Jo-Ann's massive Wall of Buttons.

I'm pretty sure nobody is surprised by my color choices for knitting this May...

Bellevue 1a Pimpelliese 1 IMG_1097 Berry Hill 1b IMG_1072 IMG_1092 IMG_1061 IMG_1075 Noble Cowl 2b Baby Sophisticate 1b IMG_1116

Obviously, I've been more obsessed than usual :-)
I completely missed the inauguration, but oh well. Apparently there was talk of climate change being real and gay people who should be able to get married, but, well... talk's cheap :-) We'll see how that goes.

I did, on the other hand, actually attend the volunteer shift I signed up for, despite the fact that it randomly started snowing this morning, and the temperature dropped so much that I could tell before ever leaving the apartment. But I did go paint at one of the homeless shelters in town for two hours, which as a team got us a painted locker room and a half, so success! Then I cam home and baked cupcakes, which were delicious. Trader Joe's vanilla cake mix, which smells exactly like my grandma's vanilla pudding - which came out of a pouch, so... great brand of vanilla pudding in a pouch :-) I think they have it at World Market.

I also sort of tracked down the Christmas present my mum sent me... which they apparently tried to deliver on the 22nd of December, but they neither told me about it nor did they make another delivery attempt. Yes, I did register a complaint with USPS :-) Now I just need to pick up the actual package tomorrow before work.

In the meantime, have some dyed yarn! I got bored yesterday and dyed some sock yarn I had wound after my eye appointment earlier this week. I also finished some socks in time for a birthday gift.

IMG_0812 IMG_0813 IMG_0814 IMG_0810
Today was slightly crazy. And I didn't even really go anywhere.

First, knit group at the tea shop. It was quite fun, I met a new person (fresh back after two years in Ireland - we bonded over European chocolate memories), and I drank tea.

Then, waiting for friend who was meeting me at tea shop. I wrote a letter to a friend in Germany (who apparently sent me a letter in August that I just got this week), ate scones, and drank tea.

Met friend at yarn store across the parking lot. Fondled yarn, fawned over a box of Malabrigo fresh off the post boat (it wasn't even labeled yet), and walked out without buying anything. I know.

Decided to go to Starbucks, the decided that was a terrible idea because there was absolutely no space to sit. Went back to tea shop, which was having a customer appreciation night. Drank more tea, ate more scones, sampled delicious tea latte that I must remember to order next time.

Went to JoAnn Fabrics to buy charity yarn with the coupons they love sending me. Decided I really needed to unpack my sewing machine and play with it so I can have an excuse to buy cute owl flannel for pajama pants. But first, I'll have to seam my skirt and maybe sew the damn zipper into that sweater I keep putting off. It's not like I can't do either, I just... don't want to. And my wrist will appreciate it - I think it hurts from too much knitting today.

For now, I'm going to bed. Tomorrow, I don't leave the house :-)
Toffee cookies, Earl Grey blend, Voyager, French onion soup later.


I'm also blocking a skirt. No idea if I'll ever wear it, but it sure looks pretty right now.

Lanesplitter 1b
You'll be happy to know I mailed my taxes over the weekend. At least now I can say I've done my civic duty for a country that hasn't done me many favors over the past few years :-P

I also had a bout of domesticity, probably because it got seriously cold ahead of dear Sandy. I baked bread...

Soda Bread 1

I blocked some knitting...

Swan Lake 1e Swan Lake 1d

And I vacuumed the entire apartment so they can clean my carpets... sometime. On a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Because apparently, me saying any of those days is fine, to them, means any of those days within the next few months is fine. We'll see when they actually get around to it.

And then Sandy happened today...

That was fast... #Sandy

It's still windy, but so far no power loss, so I think we're through the worst of it without any major issues other than me losing sleep from howling wind. Also, I still have no clue how to take decent pictures with an iPod, obviously.

And last week, I was invited to a rock symphony at Shadowbox, a local theater show that I'd seen signs for, but never looked into. I am now regretting that laziness - the show was awesome, original rock music based on Edgar Allan Poe pieces with an amazing steampunk bent. The friend who invited me (yay internet, by the way) has been volunteering for the group for like a decade, so I got to meet some of the musicians afterwards, and they're all really nice, crazy people :-) I'm looking forward to getting the CD once they're done recording it. And to seeing more shows, now that I actually know how to get to the theater.


Oct. 12th, 2012 06:34 pm
A little while ago, I found this pattern for knitted stuffed fishy things, which look basically like Goldfish crackers when finished. So I made a bunch of them out of scrap yarn and stuffed them with catnip.

Fishies 2

That particular set ended up going to Laura as part of her birthday mail. I believe Aeris and Valefor approve :-) I love Aeris' face in the first picture. So graceful... not.


I see a definite pattern in recent knitting projects here...

Socks 42 Honey Badger 1a Braided Gems 1 IMG_0544 Liesl 1 IMG_0200 Degrees of Parrot Cairn 1b

So I like blue. Sue me :-)



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