Jan. 21st, 2015 01:37 pm
I think it's winter that does it to me, but this year, it's been serious. So much organizing, clearing things out, getting things set up better. In a word, so much nesting.

I found a way to deal with all the pins I've collected over the years. Just a half-yard of fabric, folded in half and hung with some sawed-off dowel rods. There's already more pins on it, after my volunteer gig for the craft show.

Pin Banner 1a

I acquired some additional storage containers to put things in appropriate places. So many blankets, so many scarves.

IMG_2274 IMG_2317

I framed and hung photos and pictures. One set of pony photos that I got as a birthday present (although that photo of Dante has been replaced by a better one that came for Christmas), and one card from my last trip to a National Park (I think that one is from Carlsbad Caverns).

IMG_2271 IMG_2276

A friend traded a pair of socks for a beautiful handlettered first page of Good Omens. Which obviously needs to hang out with the other Crowley. (Don't mind the spacing. I'll fix it next time these get hung, in whatever new home that'll be.)

image image

And I improvised an advent wreath (without the wreath part, admittedly), though those candles are already burned down again. I like the idea though - maybe next year I'll be able to find non-white candles that still aren't scented.

... so I got Legos. Specifically the Research Institute, before it sold out again. My local store had them in stock, and were nice enough to put one aside for me, so I put everything together this weekend :-) I've missed Legos and didn't even realize it.

Obviously, we're seconds away from a major lab accident.


There's actual syringes in the actual functioning drawers behind her. I love it.

I also love that there's a way to build a simple T-Rex skeleton out of Lego pieces. It's so fun.


I think the tile floor for the astronomer is my favorite though.


They sure look good in front of the magazine rack with my science writing clips.


I think what I found the most interesting, weirdly, is that each figure has an actual feminine hairstyle. They're not just standard Lego minis with lipstick, but were molded to be individual characters. I love it.
One of the organizations I give to via the university charity drive is the Columbus chapter of Stonewall. Apparently, this year I gave them enough money to get a free dog tag to get into the Columbus Pride festival, so it seemed like as good a year as any to check it out :-)

Pride Weekend ended up being crazy for me (thanks, GM), so I only went to the parade, and only for about an hour or so. But I still quite enjoyed it - it was lovely to see that many people all wanting to get along with each other. I'm sure there were protesters around somewhere, but quite obviously, they were not out in force.

Pride Parade 2014 Pride Parade 2014 Pride Parade 2014

If you're in Columbus, Out of the Closet is an excellent thrift store. You should go.

Pride Parade 2014

This is where a lot of people got choked up early on...

Pride Parade 2014

... and this was one of my favorite parts.

Pride Parade 2014

All of the sports teams showed up.

Pride Parade 2014 Pride Parade 2014

And of course: George Takei.

Pride Parade 2014 Pride Parade 2014

Because everything is better with George Takei. Happy Pride!
Real British fruitcake*, berry black tea, Tom Hiddleston in a towel The Hollow Crown

Advent 3 2013

*no really. It came in a Waitrose baggie and everything.

Greenwillow Fruitcake 2013

Because my friends? Are awesome.

Greenwillow Giftie 2013


Jun. 30th, 2013 12:21 pm
I think it's inspired by the new lovely acid pea green color of my front door and apartment hallway, but I've been thinking about future living situations, and obviously made the mistake of seeing what else is available in the area. And then I found these condos... beautiful condos. Expensive condos. But awesome condos. They're even in quite a nice location without being miles and miles away from work.

This one's my favorite - finished basement for Quad New Year's, living room and kitchen with access to a patio and garage, bedroom and office upstairs. Wouldn't it be perfect?


Guess I should start saving. If I start now, I'll have a down payment by the time I (fingers crossed) get that stupid green card, finally.



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