La Crema Button Nose Buttered Rum coffee, donuts from Destination Donuts (I promise I'm not having them all for breakfast), and catching up with Cast On just in time for it to end.

Advent 4 2014
This year's holiday season seems to be a rollercoaster between "bah humbug" and "OMGSPARKLYLIGHTSANDHOLIDAYMUSICANDSTUFF!" So yeah. That's interesting :-) I decided not to invest in much in the way of decorations, which is fine, but on Saturday, I decided I needed some holiday lights. So I went to the fancy mall and enjoyed their complete waste of electricity money :-D

Easton Christmas 2014 (1) Easton Christmas 2014 (2) Easton Christmas 2014 (4) Easton Christmas 2014 (3)

Maybe next year I'll get my own tree. Speaking of which, I should see if Jess still has the tree skirt her mum made me. I don't think I would have given that to Goodwill in the "must leave the country" depression of 2010.
Peet's Winter Solstice Tea, chocolate chip almond cookies, clementine, and Gilmore Girls.

Advent 2 2014

What? Baby!Milo Ventimiglia is cute.
I'm actually at a conference in California right now, and I had a sneaking suspicion these guys wouldn't appreciate Pi Day the same way I do, so I cheated and had an early Pi Day. With apple pie. Mmm, pie...

Pi Day 2013
My head hurts too much to write anything witty. Just read this. Or this. Or actually this. If none of those make you want to do some good right now, you pretty much have no soul.

Me, I think I might have a Solstice party next year. I do Christmas because it's my family tradition, but it's never been a religious holiday for me, and I'm liking the idea of celebrating winter solstice, and the return of sunlight, instead. Frankly, it seems like a more meaningful thing to celebrate.

"But it's not Christmas yet!" I'm German. It's Christmas Eve. That means it's Christmas. You silly people and your Christmas mornings :-)
Unless I don't beat this cold/flu/crud thing by tomorrow, I'm off to the land of no internet (otherwise known as grandma's house) until Sunday. So I wanted to wish everyone who reads a very merry Christmas, stress-free holidays with or without the family, and lots of good food and cool presents. Also, if you have the chance, do something as awesome as these guys for Christmas :-) Because everyone deserves a little random happy in their lives.



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