Oh yes, you read that right. (My job is so weird sometimes.)

We were asked to work on a video project related to tagging Lake Erie fish, so co-worker and I packed up all the camera equipment we could scrounge up and took a road trip to Cleveland.

Seriously. This was our view for the entire morning. It was beautiful.


The fish were basically caught in a net, pulled up into a water tank on the boat, tagged, measured, and thrown back into the lake. All in all, a seriously efficient operation, with pretty minimal handling, considering.


However, it's basically spawning season. And, well, when you grab a male fish and hold him tight enough to accurately insert a tracker... there's squirting. We may have had some "there's semen on the camera lens" incidents.

image image

Ah, science. Never change.
That was a fun Labor Day weekend, and not just because I avoided the OU move-in all over Athens... but the fun stuff first :)

The plan was to leave work at lunch, drive to Columbus and pick up Jess at the Greyhous station. That all went pretty well too - I got out of work, drove to Easton, ended up buying a dress at Macy's, and bought lunch for Jess and me on the way. Then I found my way to downtown... or what I thought was the way to downtown. First they closed the exit off the freeway, so I had to take the next one. That totally got me turned around and I ended up going the wrong way on Town Street, which eventually dumped me at the medical center - totally on the wrong side of the train tracks. So I turn around to head the right way... closed for contruction. Of course downtown Columbus is a maze of one-way streets full of cars with no respect for people who get lost... eventually I ended up parking in the City Center parking garage and asking the mall cop for directions to the bus station. Finally found Jess and we took off...

... on the longest drive ever. For some reason, 23 takes forever, which made 80/90 feel like it went on forever - but we finally made it to South Bend in time for dinner and some hanging out with Laura and Tabatha, and eventually Carrie... there was much yarn, along with much TV violence (must buy Shooter and District B-13).

Saturday was a Notre Dame football game, so of course we ran away - to Michigan of all places. The first yarn store we went to was amazing - I got a really pretty skein of merino blend, along with some Cashmere Cotton from Debbie Bliss... the softest affordable yarn ever. I think it wants to be armwarmers for me :) Laura bought bamboo yarn, which I totally want to work with now... it's soft like silk, but it's vegan (I don't think silk counts as vegan), and has this really pretty sheen to it that just makes it wonderful to look at. The entire store was full of cool stuff that we all wanted to buy... I totally want to go back, or at least find a yarn store like that here. The second store was ok, and I loved the third store - they serve coffee and such, and you just hang out and knit, and they show you new stuff if you want to learn something. I got some cute sock yarn on sale to practice with before I use my pretty sock yarn, so we'll see how that turns out.

Sunday was awesome - we went to Chicago with Laura and her friend Amy, to the Shedd Aquarium. I've wanted to go for a long time, and I definitely was not disappointed. Cool exhibits, an awesome show with Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, and of course my camera - I took 220 pictures that day. Here's a couple:

Apparently these dolphins like swimming upside down...

The puffer fish squishing his face up against the glass...

A bright yellow frog...

And one of my favorite lizard pictures that day...

We also went to the Field Museum, which currently has some really cool dinosaur bones, including Sue, who I believe is the world's most complete T-Rex skeleton...

... and a beaver-like thing with no business being that big...

... and then we went to the planetarium, where I bought a shotglass that could have been straight out of Star Trek :) I love random souvenirs.

Monday we had to drive back, including dropping Jess of at home - but not before we randomly saw Mario Batali at a rest stop outside Toledo, orange clogs and all. Who would have thought celebrity chefs drive themselves around the country? And what was Mario Batali doing in Ohio to begin with? Questions, questions, and no answer in sight...



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