The first pattern in the book, supposedly easy enough for lace beginners. We'll have to agree to disagree on the suitability of "knit 3 together" for beginners, but the pattern makes a pretty sock nonetheless. Yarn is Handarbeitskram Handpainted Sock Yarn in True Blood A+, from the True Blood Club. Good stuff yet again, and very comfortable to wear as well (I wore Kai-Mei the first time a couple of days ago, which actually makes it the first time I've worn socks made from that yarn).


Obviously I've failed at writing something every day... but that's ok. I'll get back to that tomorrow :-)

They look so easy, with their ribbed leg and cute little lace pattern. Really, they made my head hurt for the first two pattern repeats. Then again when I switched from decreases to maintaining the stitch count. Good thing I got to stop before I'd have to figure out what to do on the other side of the foot :-P


They turned out nicely though, and made the best of a yarn I wasn't too sure about. But I like how the colors worked together - Handarbeitskram sock club yarns so far haven't disappointed. This was a True Blood Club colorway based on the opening credits of the series. *sings* When you came in, the air went out...

A little bit easier than Bex, even though the chart still looks crazy complicated. But at least the entire thing can be knit without a cable needle. Sometimes it's the little things that count :-)


The yarn is Zitron Trekking, bought somewhere in Cleveland... Brecksville? Broadview Heights? Somewhere around the big Metropark. Good stuff to work with, and the color changes don't really distract too much from the pattern, even though the photo makes you think so :-)

Sock Innovation is definitely an awesome book. The plan is to knit all of the sock patterns in a year, which means I need to be done in May of 2011. Doable, definitely, especially now that I think I've got the most complicated pattern out of the way.

These required two cable needles, and just about a full skein of Lana Grossa Meilenweit, which means they ate yarn like crazy. Of course it also means they're lovely and squishy and warm, and definitely worth the effort :-)


These were mostly to use up leftovers from a skein of Socks That Rock, which I had used for another pair of gloves. I do really like the pattern. It's part of a fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders called p/hop - Pennies Per Hour Of Pleasure, which means you donate the amount you would otherwise be willing to pay for the pattern. Good fundraiser, and there's quite a few nice patterns that were donated earlier this year.

Cranford Mitts

These were a birthday present for [ profile] knives42ljk , which she finally received (yes, I was late), so I get to show them off now :-)

So much fun... so much fiber... so many memories! Because things like these are best told in pictures, let's have some! A good number of these are courtesy of Carrie.

It was a really pretty day - warm, but still great for being outside.

We all got to hold angora bunnies. They were amazingly soft, really nice, and I was sorely tempted to take one home :)

Laura bought half a sheep

and we all drooled over the walls of yarn and fiber in the Creatively Dyed Yarns booth

Impressively enough, we all stayed within our budgets while buying some really cool fibers.

Saturday night was spent eating Chinese food and watching movies in the hotel room - it was pretty much college all over again, just with better beds :)

Sunday we went to visit Witt before I went home and the twins went to lunch with Dr. Fleisch. I really miss campus... I think for me college was that experience other people have in high school. Totally awesome, and pretty unforgettable!

How weird is it that we never realized there was a giant tree in front of Recitation Hall?

This was home for a year - Woodlawn Hall, substance-free at the time, now I think it's the honors dorm.

There totally used to be really ugly buildings here - now it's much better-looking :)

The Science Building atrium, where I spent many a day doing some sort of homework and drinking massive amounts of coffee.

We saw the Observatory, probably one of the coolest buildings on campus...

... and we did sort of mock Wally by imitating him for a photo op :)

Good times... good times :)



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