After realizing my local tea shop doesn't make me happy anymore (the owner, she is mean), and kind of hating Teavana on principle (seriously, that store is weird), I rediscovered Adagio Teas online. Someone had pointed out the fandom blends a long time ago, but I never ordered - until a little while ago. Not really knowing what I like, other than the basics of Earl Grey, English/Irish Breakfast, and anything with mint in it, I got one of the samplers, which often happen to be fandom-themed.

First try? The Doctor Who sampler by Cara McGee, obviously.

Adagio Teas Doctor Who Fandom Sampler

Captain Jack Harkness
This is definitely a dessert tea. It's rooibos and ceylon black tea, with notes of almond and chocolate, and a whiff of scotch as it cools. I drink it with a little bit of sugar, and occasionally a splash of milk, but really, it's great all by itself, because Captain Jack needs no accessories.

Rory Williams
For some reason, ginger in tea always kills it for me. I like it in food, but in tea, it's too sharp or something, so this isn't the tea for me. Besides the ginger taste, this is really good though, so if you like ginger in your tea, this is a great full-bodied tea, especially with just a bit of milk.

Rose Tyler
This is delicious. Sweet, fruity, flowery, caffeinated. So good. But how could it not be, with Earl Grey and berries and apples in it?

Donna Noble
I think I would like this one without the cinnamon. I love Irish Breakfast, and the orange peel gives it a lovely citrus-y undertone and scent, but the cinnamon is too sharp for me in tea - probably the same reason I don't like ginger in my tea. If cinnamon is your thing (say, you get that Christmas blend tea at the grocery store), you should try this one. It does make a great builder's tea, which makes sense. You know Donna brought Wilf some builder's tea when they went stargazing together.

Amy Pond
I can't figure out what this one reminds me of - I feel like it's a tea I've had as a kid, but it's not coming to me. Either way, I'm not a fan. It's Christmas-y, but with too much citrus, and not enough tea flavor... or something. Maybe it's the cinnamon with the orange and the raspberry and the cranberry - it's too much, but still kind of boring. Sorry Amy, I love you, but this just isn't meant to be.

Martha Jones
Another dessert tea, with an odd but likable caramel note at the end. It's a little too spicy to become a true favorite (Jack is a better dessert tea), but it's really good with milk and sugar, and nice when a little bit of a change from my tea-related norm is needed.

Meh. It's not bad, but I think the coconut is bothering me. It works ok with milk and sugar (really, what doesn't), to make it more dessert-y, but I don't think it's something I would buy again.

Eww. I had a feeling I wouldn't like this one (gunpowder and chestnut, both not my faves), but seriously, this smells like dry rub for pork ribs. And tastes sort of like a mixture of cayenne pepper and stale Lipton's. Sorry Nine, but no. Not happening again, ever.

River Song
For something listed as having a whole bunch of different flavors, my first cup was remarkably flavorless. The second one was better, with some Earl Grey, plus citrus and eventually coconut, but everything was just sort of... blah. Maybe it's another one of those "too much of a good thing" things, and I'm not going to get rid of it or anything, but yeah, probably not something I'd buy again. Again.

It has chocolate in it. Like, actual mini chocolate chips. Part of my brain can't deal with that, the other part thinks this might be a great way to quell those cravings for hot chocolate without having to imbibe an entire mug of milk (which my stomach isn't a big fan of). I do sort of get the banana as well, but mostly it's chocolate black tea. Which you wouldn't think is good, but it actually is pretty delicious.

Overall, I'd call this pretty successful. Four teas to reorder, nine teas where I'll definitely finish the tin, and only one that's getting pawned off on some unsuspecting friends in the near future. That'll work.

Next? I'm thinking Supernatural. Because Crowley.
The Daleks totally deserve their own post. I think there were at least 5 actual Dalek replicas, and considering how difficult those things must be to transport, that's just cool.

Talking Dalek (with controller kind of off to the right)

Dalek 4

Arguing Daleks (obviously)

Daleks 3

Oswin Dalek (including child inside, with bonus trippy carpet)

Oswin Dalek 3

Vacation Dalek (one of the maids came out on the balcony right after I took that picture, and proved that the Marriott staff has given up being weirded out by con guests a long time ago - of course, the cruise ship guests on Saturday were much less... accustomed to the weirdness)

Dalek Balcony 2
Oh, the cosplay :-) So much cosplay. So much awesome cosplay.

My favorite Captain Jack. He also had the coat, and the hat, and the moves in the masquerade :-)

Captain Jack Harkness

There were cat nuns...

Cat Nun

... and Mesdames de Pompadour...

Madame De Pompadour

... and an impossible astronaut...

The Impossible Astronaut

... and a snowman...


... and an adipose! So cuddly.

Adipose 2

There were Doctors...

Doctors 3

... and Donna, and River.

Donna & River

And where there's a River, and a Doctor in a fez...

What in the name of sanity 1

Obviously :-)
So many guests! This is maybe a third of them?

Opening Ceremony 4

I got my Mark Sheppard autograph on Friday - I don't think I made too big of an idiot of myself, but if I did, I doubt he'll remember me after someone else asked him about a slashfic pairing in the interview session :-P - almost by accident because the line was short when I walked past it. Apparently someone realized putting an autograph table in the hallway wasn't the greatest of ideas at the time.

Autograph Line

This is an excellent example of why I have no photos of the main panel talks - neither the iPod nor the camera could handle indoor zoom photos. I only know this is Mark Sheppard because I sort of remember what he was wearing for the interview. (The Ben Browder pictures on the other hand could just as well be of the tech guy fixing the microphones.)

Mark Sheppard 1

It was quite an entertaining interview/panel/something... it was supposed to be an interview, but apparently handing Mark Sheppard a microphone and a room full of fans is much more entertaining when there's not another person involved :-) It was a pretty funny 45 minutes, although I think "dressing up in costumes like you guys do is the bravest fucking thing I've ever seen" made a fair share of people tear up. It was pretty fantastic :-)

Ben Browder's interview was also quite entertaining - we got everything from his audition for Farscape (there was blood, apparently) to the reason for his current epic mustache. And Finn Jones was simply hilarious for being fidgety and a bit foul-mouthed and way excited about talking to people about... everything. I think even Tony Lee was impressed.

Finn Jones & Tony Lee

Sylvester McCoy probably scared the crap out of his handlers by simply walking off the stage with a microphone at the beginning of the interview and zipping (no really, zipping) through the audience for questions. So much energy, so funny, so adorable. The grandpa you want in your life, right up until he pulls out a hip flask during your fifteenth birthday party :-)

Sylvester McCoy 9

But I think the coolest thing about most of the guests was that they would actually walk around the hallways and talk to people, not just hide in the green room only to emerge for autographs and interviews and photo sessions. I ran into both Philip Hinchcliffe (Doctor Who producer during the Tom Baker years) and Finn Jones coming off the elevator, I almost ran into Frazer Hines and Sylvester McCoy on the way to the lobby, Neve McIntosh and Dan Starkey probably spent as much time on the con floor as I did, and were always talking to people, and Ian McNeice seemed to enjoy just sitting in the lobby and watching the madness :-)

Ian McNeice 1 (I stole that photo from Emily, but was basically standing on the other side of the table at some other point during the weekend.)
"... anything that ever happened, or ever will. Where do you want to go?"

Apparently, at Gally on Friday, one builds a TARDIS...

TARDIS Build 3

... including the ultimate telecommunications set-up.

TARDIS Build 1

Of course, this one's a replica, built by TARDIS-Tara and set up in one of the rooms for photo ops. The real one arrived just in time for the opening ceremonies.


Isn't she pretty?


And she's brought Sylvester McCoy!

Sylvester McCoy 3

Who is only a tiny little bit shorter than Chris from Radio Free Skaro.

Sylvester McCoy 1

Of course, these two were not the only TARDIS versions around. I only got a picture of one other one, but there were a lot of TARDISes. Most of them really nicely done. Lots of corsets and fancy hats.

(If that reference makes no sense to you at all, try this link. Two years ago, that song made me cry because I couldn't be there. This time around, it was much happier.)

So... Gally! So much stuff to talk about, I obviously had no idea where to start. So I ignored the blog for a bit :-D I'd be terrible at this if anyone actually cared about how often I update. Which you guys don't... right?

Anyways! Gally is awesome. And exhausting. And brilliant. And slightly terrifying when you're bad at meeting new people and have no idea how to start conversations with random strangers. Lobbycon (basically, Thursday night when everyone is there but no programming has started, and most nights thereafter) in particular was... interesting. But fun. A bunch of geeks taking over the lobby of an otherwise straight-laced airport hotel is always going to be fun on some level.

Lobbycon 1

It's not quite as busy in the mornings, but there really wasn't a time when I walked through the lobby and didn't see at least 20 people who obviously were there for the same reason I was.

Lobbycon 2

The funny thing about the Marriott is that, if you're in the right frame of mind, all of the decor looks Gallifreyan. Especially the carpets.

Carpet of Rassilon

And being the geeks they are, people add decor of their own. Be that the cubes from "The Power of Three"...


... or the best bathroom graffiti I've seen in a long time.

Bad Wolf

The other thing about Gally is badge ribbons. It's a thing. People have ribbon trails 20 feet long (no really, it's that crazy). I didn't go quite as all-out, mostly due to not having ribbons to trade, but I collected a fair share over the weekend.


I think the first one is my favorite, even if it has nothing to do with Doctor Who.

Ribbons 1 Ribbons 2

Tomorrow: the TARDIS! But for now, I'm going to leave you with the coolest motorcycle ever. Now signed by Freema Agyeman.

Motorcycle 1
Went to see Spider-Man with Jess yesterday - quite enjoyed it, really. I mean, it's a superhero movie, but I was quite impressed with Andrew Garfield, who's rather funny, and Rhys Ifans was impressive as always. I know people haven't been happy about the reboot, but as reboots go, it wasn't a bad one. Now if they only decided to erase those Hulk movies from our memories with a Marc Ruffalo Hulk...

Travel Plans
It's almost time to book my LA flight for Gally! So excited. I actually found a roommate who already had a room at the Marriott, where the convention takes place, so I'm in the same hotel after all :-) I'm sure the jitters will show up eventually, but for now, I'm just so excited I finally get to go. Plus, new Doctor Who in like a month! And the new cast members for Game of Thrones S3 are AMAZING. Things are good in fandom world right now.

Pretty pretty shawl.

Asterope 1a

Pretty pretty handdyed turned into a pretty cute hat. Although neon green really isn't my color.

Brambles 2a
I... think I'm doing it wrong.

Last year, my online friend Emily (isn't it awesome how I call people I've never actually met "friends"? Just go with it, ok?), along with some other people, hosted a panel at Gallifrey One talking about the music of modern Doctor Who. I can't find the actual recording online right now, but here's the blog post, and I'm sure if you're interested, Emily would be willing to share :-)

The panel from this past year is available to stream, and if you're interested in Doctor Who, you should give it a listen. I generally have no idea about music beyond "this is awesome and pretty and emotional and kind of cool," but it's still interesting and points out a couple of cool things that you may or may not have picked up on before. Obviously last year's panel had a lot more moments like that because I'm more familiar with the new show, but even this year's panel pointed out some really interesting things.

Also, "I Am The Doctor" is probably my favorite bit of Doctor Who music ever. It's just sooooo much fun. And now I want to buy more soundtracks. Hey look, an Amazon gift card I got for Easter :-)

Let me summarize my reactions:


Is it Christmas yet?

Also, BBC America is showing the special on December 26th at 9pm Eastern. One day after the UK. I can't believe TV people are getting something right for a change :-)
One of the best parts of Waters of Mars was getting the official trailer for the two-part Tennant finale. Spoilers abound, obviously, and I'll be over here in the corner, squeeing like the fangirl I am.

Oh. My. God.

That's about as coherent as I'm going to be about it tonight. That was... incredibly creepy. And doom-y. I'm going to have to watch that again. And the preview!!!!

I can't wait until Christmas.

Oh. My. God.
The next Doctor Who special is this weekend! To prepare, a bunch of Ravelry people exchanged Who Watching Kits (everything you could ever need to get through a Who special), and I got my package as an early birthday present on Monday :-)

A battered box, all the way from Australia!

Easter grass... I haven't seen Easter grass since I was six.

A freakin' police box pillow! Handknitted! Labeled "Dalek protection"! Yeah, I was excited. Also note the nifty labels on the other wrapped packages.

Everything unwrapped: TARDIS pillow, sock yarn, Doctor Who magazine and a Romeo & Juliet booklet, Australian jelly babies, evil chocolate Santas with instruments, rose-scented soap paper, rose-printed tissues, edible ball bearing stitch markers, a banana, and musk-flavored Lifesavers (which I asked about like a month ago and my partner remembered).

This was way too exciting... an awesome early birthday present :-)
A TARDIS themed shipment this time around :-) (I got these ages ago. I just forgot to post about them.)

Police Box

Control Room

One more shipment in October, and then I'm taking a break to knit down the stash some. The next club was a four seasons theme, which, while a good idea, wasn't as interesting to me as the last two. And I'm in serious sock yarn overload right now, so anyone who wants socks? Please tell me. All I need is your shoe size :-)

My first shipment arrived (finally), and it's a Tenth Doctor package :)

"Pinstripe Suit" on the top left, "Red Trainers" on the bottom right. Of course, I totally thought it was a Rose colorway before I read the label, but that's ok :-P I still like it, even if the name doesn't quite fit.


Jan. 3rd, 2009 04:25 pm

The Eleventh Doctor has been chosen, and I think I'm ok with it :) Waiting for the first episode, but so far I don't hate Team Cardiff.

And in the words of Neil Gaiman: "I'm a teeny bit disappointed about Paterson Joseph. But still, now it means if I ever wrote a story where the Marquis de Carabas met the Doctor... no. That way lies madness."

Walk slowly but confidently towards the madness, Neil. I'll be right behind you :)
My Winter Solstice / 4th of Advent evening

And the reason [ profile] greenwillow77  is totally awesome :)

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Solstice, and Happy "whatever Winter Holiday I missed" :)
Look, knitting!

These are Monkey socks by Cookie A, from Knitty. Done in Regia Galaxy Color in the Jupiter colorway. I love these... a lot :)


From the same yarn, more squares for the Who Knits? Auction Afghan. Yet again I ran out of yarn, but [profile] vashtyphoon42is sending more yarn, so it's all good :) Also, the deadline is Wednesday... I need to stop knitting squares.


Other knitting news... signed up for the Ravelympics on Ravelry. You cast on during or after opening ceremonies, and finish before they extinguish the torch. In a fit of craziness, I decided on doing an entire tank top, finishing up Askew after almost two years, and possibly knitting a crazy cabled Shedir (at least that one is an alternate, not a full sign-up). I get to be part of Team TARDIS (yes, same Who Knits? people), which gets nicely around the whole "supporting the China Olympics" discussion: it's 2012 in London instead :D We're such geeks, but it's ok.

See, promised you knitting content, and finally gave you knitting content again. Now I need to get ready for a movie - going to see Hellboy 2 with Howard and Suz in a little bit.

Catching Up

Jul. 6th, 2008 02:58 pm
It's been a while yet again... guess I should do some more catching up :)

Went to the zoo again, this time with a different part of the crowd - loads of fun yet again, and there are pictures this time (there were last time, but I didn't bother uploading them).

Bobcat, not sleeping for once. Apparently it meowed at Alan too.

Bobcat 04

I love the bat exhibit. People might say they're icky (in fact, one lady walked up and went "ewww" to her kids - way to be a role model, lady), but I like bats, I think they're cute. How can you not want to take this home?

Bat 03

Sleepy Koala :) In fact, the other one was feeling harrassed by the zookeepers that were feeding it, so it was climbing back and forth on the trees, but I didn't get a good picture, so you get dopey!koala.

Koala 05

In case you don't think tigers are just big kittens, I give you this:

Tiger 23

And because all posts about animals need to contain at least one gratuitous shout-out to my ability to make animals pose, have a wolf who decided to come visit right as we walked up to the window. It's a timberwolf, I believe.

Wolf 06

After the zoo, we went to the Book Loft in German Village, which has to be the most convoluted but awesome bookstore ever. 20-some rooms full of books... so much fun. I got the completed works of Hans Christian Andersen for $20, in blue leather with gold edging no less, and a cocktail book for $5. Now I need to get some of these supplies... a trip to Columbus may be in order at some point next week :) Had dinner at what I think is the original Max&Erma's (a Columbus company), and drove home in a thunderstorm, but that's ok. German Village would be fun to live in too - it's got a very European look to it, and no cheesy fake German things as far as I could tell. Well, Schmidt's, but we'll forgive them that one. They do have the Book Loft, after all.

What else? How about some movies? Sara and I saw a bunch of them before she moved.

Incredible Hulk: So much better than the Eric Bana version, and really quite enjoyable. I like Edward Norton, so the casting helped, and Liv Tyler was better than whoever played Betty last time too. She's a bit too Elven in everything she does for me, so if you hate the breathy voice, you may hate her, but it worked in context, and I got a kick out of Norton, and out of the writing... lost of funny one-liners in between the gloom and doom of the emotionally conflicted Hulk guy. Oh, and the brought in the guy who played Hulk in the original TV show! So awesome :)

Wall-E: Totally adorable. The entire movie revolves around two characters who can say about three words each, but it totally works. Also, total diss on Microsoft and shout-out to Apple. It was funny. And really, totally cute. Good Pixar movie. Definitely.

Doctor Who is done. Wow. What an ending. I was ok with it, although sometimes the writing on New Who gets sloppy and inconsistent. I'm kind of hoping Moffat will get rid of that... let's just decide if the Doctor likes or hates guns, and get rid of the whole "kill the evil race that will destroy the universe? Nah, I'll just look conflicted and deal with these guys yet again in the next season." I mean, genocide bad, yes, but Daleks don't learn, obviously. Even Dalek Caan was ok with killing off everyone. Good on you, Blue!Doctor :) And you got Rose :P Guess the cybermen are coming back for the specials... it would be nice if they decided to bring back more interesting villains eventually. Like the Master again, or the Rani.

Oh yeah, Secret Diary of a Call Girl. It's... interesting. Good, very entertaining, and really not as much about sex as you would think :) After the first two episodes, that part really becomes the background for some really interesting drama. Looking forward to the next season, and I do love Billie Piper. Glad she's getting work after Who.

Anything else... did I mention Friday Night Lights already? I think I did. Good show :)

Is that long enough for you all? Next time might have knitting content, and possibly involve a bike :)



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