La Crema Button Nose Buttered Rum coffee, donuts from Destination Donuts (I promise I'm not having them all for breakfast), and catching up with Cast On just in time for it to end.

Advent 4 2014
Rudolph's Red Velvet coffee from La Crema Coffee Company, Trader Joe's gingerbread, Grimm.

Advent 3 2014
With nobody to put chocolate in my boots, I had to get my own treats :-) Silver Bridge coffee, Peppermint Blackout and Cranberry Orange Nibbler from Destination Donuts, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (we're seeing Mockingjay tomorrow, so it seemed appropriate).

Doctor Who: The Monster of Peladon, Silver Bridge Coffee Company coffee, homemade honey Chex Mix.

Advent 1 2014
Yes, that title pretty much means what you think it means... my eyelids are twitching, and I think I can feel my hair growing :-)

I did, however, make it through all of the local roastery sample stations (except for the one that didn't show up), and I am yet again fascinated by just how much cool stuff there is in this town. I mean, how many places in the Midwest have 20 coffee roasteries that can just show up to an event like this?

It was crowded too - eventually there was basically one long line going around the North Market balcony.

North Market Coffee Roast

My two favorite places just for cool stuff were One Line Coffee (soon to be home of coffee concentrate brewed in something I want in my kitchen one day)...

One Line Coffee 1

... and Impero Coffee, because they had this really cool vacuum pot to make the coffee.

Impero Coffee 2

You put water in the clear glass bulb in the middle, and then a bunsenburner below that, and the water boils up into the filter where the coffee is, and then flows back down when you take the heat away. I have no idea why this is a really good way to make coffee, but it looks SO COOL.
I got my swap package today! So excited... it's a fun one :)


I got Angels & Elephants sock yarn, some different chocolates (European smarties! I might melt with joy...), of course jelly babies, and the awesomest, most wonderful part: a TARDIS piggy bank! I asked for one in my questionnaire not really knowing if it existed, but my partner actually got one for me :) Yay!

This is the package that's going out to my swap partner in Paisley, Scotland tomorrow. Kind of appropriate... a Doctor Who swap with a partner in David Tennant's hometown :)


The yarn is a handdyed wool/hemp blend from a now-discontinued local seller in sport weight. I haven't actually used it, as this was originally purchased for myself, but I'm happy to part with it, and I can always get some of the leftover stock they have at the yarn store in Nelsonville if I go that way anytime soon :) The coffee packs are samples from Perks, my favorite coffee shop uptown. There's Columbian decaf, Perk's house blend, French Vanilla decaf, and Creme Brulee, for a good sampling of what they have. The tea is also from Perks, a blend of green tea and mint from a local tea place called Herbal Sage. The beads are from a local bead store that has stuff from all over the world, and almost makes me want to start beading... gorgeous colors and lots of fun stuff. Lastly, buckeyes. The state candy of Ohio. Peanut butter covered in chocolate. Need I say more?



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