Because sometimes, you just need to make a 12-hour round trip to hang out with some friends and their cats for the weekend.

I think Burt approved of my dedication to cat pettings though.



Athena mostly found me annoying, but would let me pet her head on occasion. And I got to touch the soft, soft belly and removed my hand before she could maul me. It's an accomplishment, I hear.


Lemon was... Lemon.


Yes, she is that big. She also makes an excellent weighted blanket substitute - I could just grab her, set her on my chest, and she'd settle in and start purring. Good kitty :-)

Other than cats, there was food. SO MUCH FOOD. And it was so good.


We won't talk about how much yarn I bought at Stitches Midwest - let's just say it was a lot. But most of it has plans attached to it already! I may still skip Wool Gathering this year to let my credit card recover.

AND AND AND! Birthday Fluevogs! I luuuuuurrrrvvveee them.

In addition to Wool Gathering, my annual tour also includes Yellow Springs, where I wander around Dark Star Books for way too long, spend money on vintage paperbacks (Agatha Christie this year), and pet the cat. That cat has been around for just about forever... or possibly it's a succession of cats, all named the same. Either way, bookstore cat. In a box.

Dark Star Cat

And of course a trip to Witt. I'm kind of homesick now. But at least I get to see people in a few weeks :-)

At the Wall (2)

That top right corner area? Totally all mine. I lived in that alcove.

Science Bulding (5)

I also lived here. I miss it.

Woodlawn Hall


Oct. 12th, 2012 06:34 pm
A little while ago, I found this pattern for knitted stuffed fishy things, which look basically like Goldfish crackers when finished. So I made a bunch of them out of scrap yarn and stuffed them with catnip.

Fishies 2

That particular set ended up going to Laura as part of her birthday mail. I believe Aeris and Valefor approve :-) I love Aeris' face in the first picture. So graceful... not.



Since we skipped Of The Week Sunday, and I don't really have anything coherent to talk about... we continue a great Yarn Harlot Tradition :-)

I spent the weekend taking care of 30 horses and a very old but lovable dog, which most means getting up early to provide food and entertainment, staying around to make sure you're there when the horses want the entertainment to end, provide more food, and stay around in case someone decides to hurt themselves in the middle of the night. Nothing happened, even if some idiots must have thrown firecrackers onto the pasture... all I got is lights and noise, so I have no idea what it was, but the horses didn't like it. Except for the ones who were sleeping :-P

Ruben (one of the horses) sleeps with his eyes open and has very vivid dreams. It's a good thing I know this, because otherwise I'd have gone with either stroke or heart attack.

Also, apparently horses can get food stuck in their throats if they eat too quickly. Then they try to throw up, but can't. It's about the scariest thing I've ever see a horse do. Luckily things resolved themselves between calling the vet and the vet arriving, but dude, that was freaky.

Last night, Ming actually snuggled for about 10 minutes. These are rare moments. Then she goes off and hits Murdoch, given the noise I heard coming from the living room :-P He probably sat in her spot on the sofa or something.

I haven't turned on the TV for like 4 days. Obviously I don't have to worry about the expense of cable (or a TV for that matter) for a while.

The Department of Labor is ok with me working for Very Large University :-) Which completes step 1 of 3 of the visa process. Now we wait for Homeland Security (well, Citizenship & Immigration Services, but they're part of HS) to make sure I'm not a terrorist, and then I go to Berlin to tell an embassy employee that I'm planning neither a wedding nor a terrorist action once I get to the US. And then I frantically spend loads of money on a move :-) My biggest worry is getting a decent apartment in time; everything else is just going to be fine, dangit!

And with that random use of a semicolon, I'm off to do my French homework :-)
I know, I promised actual content, not just knitting pictures. But there's not really much to talk about. The job thing is slowly and ponderously moving in the right direction, but it's not yet at a stage where I can be in any way squee-y about it, and besides taking care of the horses here twice a week in the afternoon/evening, there's not all that much going on. I really hope that changes soon... having some responsibility with the barn is really reminding me that I miss having a job. Anyways :-)

I finished knitting Seraphim by Mim Felton, in gorgeous handdyed yarn from Bumblebirch Yarns on Etsy. It's huge. Sadly, I'm not sure about the color for me (it's gloriously pretty, but may make me look like a drowning victim), but I may end up keeping it anyways :-P

Seraphim 1a

Did I mention it's huge? There's also beads mum got me in some tiny shop on a Native American reservation instead of some other random souvenir. See them?

Seraphim 1b

I know, not really. But they're there. And they work really well. I'm really happy with the final result.

Oh, right. There's also socks. Carrie, think your mum will like these? :-)

Monkeys 2

Possibly real content within the next month again :-) We got tickets to a big horse show at the end of August, so there should be horse pictures instead of knitting pictures at least once. For now, have a kitten.

Murdoch 23

Wide cat is wide.
I really like these - relatively basic ribbed armwarmers, almost up to my elbow, with a low thumb gusset and a hand just up to my knuckles. In other words, finally armwarmers I can actually wear to do stuff :-) The yarn is Knitting Notions Superwash Sock, in the Sock Summit colorway. Laura got me this for a birthday gift at Wool Gathering... two years ago? Something like that. It's definitely good stuff.

Don't mind the cat. She was feeling neglected again. Sorry Ming, but that job interview was definitely necessary, even if it meant leaving you alone with Murdoch. Who fell off the couch again a few days ago. You'd think he'd learn... but he definitely doesn't.

All I was trying to do was take some pictures of knitting for Rav. Murdoch seemed to disagree with that plan.

But eventually, he at least agreed to stand next to the project for five seconds.

Better Than Booties Baby Socks by Anne Budd, from an Interweave Knits freebie from forever ago. The heel and toe instructions are awful (and were promptly replaced with something where I don't end up with weird stitch counts at the end), but otherwise they're very cute and pretty easy to knit. Yarn is various club colorways from Handarbeitskram Yarns, from the Harry Potter and True Blood clubs. I love leftovers.

Look at me, being all cute over here. I'm even in a convenient spot for you to pet me. Pet me? Please? I'm already purring, you might as well.

You're still not petting me. I really don't think we can work together like this.


Thank you. Much better.
It's actually kind of weird when you're used to starting a new project as the fancy strikes you, but with no access to most of my yarn (which is currently on a truck on the way to Dusseldorf, I think), I've been keeping to one project at a time. I don't get to start anything new until I've either finished the last project, or gotten to the point where I can't go any further in the current situation - for example, I can't finish a second Veyla glove because I need to block the cuff before I can pick up stitches for the hand. Luckily, I'd subscribed to a yarn club before this whole drama started, so I have yarn and am still due four more skeins over the next two months. Plus, I should theoretically be able to get one of my boxes by the end of August - it's got WIPs and a pattern book I've been missing dearly. But I did finish a couple of things I can actually show off... a couple of scarves need to be blocked before they're presentable, and this first picture shows why that's not necessarily a good idea at the moment :-)


Yeah... I can't see white hair all over a gift scarf as a very good idea.

I also made a pair of socks (of course)... I have way too many sock patterns queued, but I only have sock yarn at the moment, so it's not too awful :-P


At least I'm getting Christmas taken care of... it makes up for not being able to cast on a shawl at the moment. Now, where would I buy lace yarn in Germany? Neither of the local places seems to carry any. They do both have walls of sock yarn, though...

Excuse Me

Aug. 3rd, 2010 10:27 pm

I believe that's my bed.

We disagree.

In fact, I have no idea where you get such crazy ideas.



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