Mar. 27th, 2015

I should really read the ingredients more... apparently this is a chai sampler. Oh well :-)


Viserion's Bane
Spiced apple chai, yes. Spiced apple chai with coconut and cinnamon? Turns out to not taste like much at all. My tongue is probably overwhelmed. It's not bad, but meh.

Targaryen Spirits
Too heavy on the cloves and the cinnamon, which basically overpower any coconut notes that may be in here. Plus, the tea feels... grainy? Like there's cinnamon powder, not cinnamon bark, and I just inhaled a whole lot of it. Meh.

Drogon's Revenge
This mostly tastes of black tea and chai spices, which is fine, but a little blah. Of course, the ginger doesn't help me in any way. Ginger in tea is just weird. But if you like that sort of thing, this is a great holiday tea. Very Christmas-y.

Rhaegal's Fire
I'll never like green tea, gunpowder, or cinnamon in tea, but this is actually pretty good. Nice notes of vanilla with just a hint of orange peel, and the sharper spices and teas aren't overpowering.

Stark Winterbrew
Too much ginger. Probably because of the combination with other spices. Not bad, and nicely tempered with the caramel notes, so it's fine with some milk to bring down the spice, but it's not a re-buy.

Lannister Royal Tea
This is actually pretty good. I'm thinking I like Tiger Eye tea - that seems to be a common ingredient in the samplers I've liked so far. And the cinnamon isn't too strong, so the chocolate and caramel get a nice chance to come through strongly.

Bonus Sample: Wizard's Grey
I hate this blueberry flavor. It's utterly horrible in all of the blends I've tried. So not doing that again. Which is sad, because it sounds so good, just like the TARDIS blend. But in the end, it's like drinking soapy water. Mrgh.



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